30 for 30 Pearl-a-Polooza

Announcing the 30 for 30 Pearl-A-Palooza!

In honor of the 30th Anniversary of the Jon Sims Endowment Fund for the Performing Arts, an exciting limited-time offer will help your organization increase its wealth for the long term!

Here’s how it works:

  • Your LGBT non-profit performing arts group makes an investment of at least $1,000
  • The amount invested (up to $5,000) will be matched by JSEF at a rate of 30%
  • That’s up to $1,500 added to your investment account!
  • BONUS: one lucky new organization will be selected on October 13, 2019 to have their matching funds increased to 100%!!
  • Act soon; offer expires February 29, 2020

Frequently asked questions

If you have additional question, write to info@jsef.org
Q: Which organizations are eligible for this program?A: Any 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to LGBT performing arts is eligible for this promotion. Q: I’m ready to invest. What do I do next?A: Send a confirming e-mail to info@jsef.org. There is also an agreement form that you will need to complete and submit. Q: How can I transfer my organization’s funds to JSEF?A: We can accept checks, wire transfers, cash, money order, or cashier check. The mailing address is: JSEF, PO Box 14172, San Francisco, CA 94114-0172. Q: Who is eligible to win the “bonus 100% match?”A: Any non-profit LGBT performing arts organization making their initial investment of funds at JSEF is eligible to win the bonus 100% match of their investment. Organizations who already have accounts at JSEF are not eligible, although they will still earn the 30% match on any new funds invested during this promotional period (ends February 29, 2020). Q: My group received matching funds during the JSEF 2015 “Endow-A-Thon.” Are we eligible for this offer?A: Yes! Your organization is eligible for the 30% matching. Q: How soon after we make our investment will we have the matching funds added to our account?A: Funds will be added to your new or existing JSEF account within 30 days of the receipt of the invested funds. Q: What are the minimum and maximum amounts on the 30% match?A: The minimum amount to receive the 30% match is $1,000. The maximum amount is $5,000. If an organization invests more than $5,000, they will earn the 30% match only on the first $5,000. That’s a maximum match of $1,500. Q: If we are a new organization and we invest before the “bonus 100% match” drawing on October 13, 2019, will we be included in the drawing?A: Yes This “bonus 100% match” is aimed at newly-investing organizations. Organizations that have previously invested funds with JSEF will still receive the 30% match. Q: How will a single organization be chosen for the "bonus 100% match?"A: A random drawing will be publicly held on October 13, 2019 in Orlando, Florida among those organizations with newly-invested funds as of that date. The winning organization need not be present. Q: Why is this promotion called “Pearl-A-Palooza?”A: 30th Anniversaries are traditional celebrated with pearls, just as 25th Anniversaries are celebrated with silver and 50th Anniversaries are celebrated with gold. Just as pearls are found hidden inside oysters, we’d like to think that the Jon Sims Endowment Fund is another “hidden gem” that can help your organization achieve its long-term financial future. Q: How do we find out how our investment is performing?A: JSEF issues quarterly statements containing financial updates. If at any point, you’d like to know the status of your investment, write to info@jsef.org. Q: Is the 30% matching amount based on the newly-invested funds or the total balance my group has invested?A: The 30% matching amounts applies only to newly-invested funds (minimum of $1,000).
Q: Once my group makes its investment, what will my group need to do?A: We require that you include a JSEF logo and link to jsef.org on your web site. It would also be great if you mention your relationship with JSEF in concert programs and in correspondence to your constituents.