Welcome to the JSecurityModule Project

As a passion, I keep developing my side projects and different concepts that always were of interest to me, and during that process I have always had to build input validation tools to overcome threats like SQL Injection or XSS etc. or even just to make sure that a user enters just the input type that i require of him.

That being said, I knew that it was easier to just build a simple framework that will retrieve both valid type input schemes to validate inputs against them , and also to build a simple yet robust signature matching engine that will help me build one framework that is dynamic and that i can include in any project that is built. Finally I decided to just release it to everyone who may find a use for it, and named it JSecurityModule.

-- Barry Shteiman.

JSecurityModule At a Glance:

the project is compiled as a Jar module that can be added to any given Java project in coherence to a content XML file, and enable to following : 
  • Input Validation in a whitelist concept
  • Security Validation through a signature dictionary
  • Securing Strings that violate the policy of signatures


The main objective behind this project is to create a simple yet robust framework that will enable any level of developer to Secure the application against different input manipulation techniques , and also enforce input validation of the input types that are defined by the Developer.

Recent Announcements

  • Release : JSecurityModule v0.42 , Content XML build 11 This release mainly introduces the mathematical engine addition in order to validate inputs against.in this specific release , the LUHN formula was introduced to allow a Developer to validate credit ...
    Posted Dec 19, 2009, 2:40 PM by Barry Shteiman
  • Release Content XML build 10 has been released and uploaded to SourceForgethis is the first build and contains only basic signatures and validtypes 
    Posted Dec 18, 2009, 3:43 PM by Barry Shteiman
  • JSecurityModule version 0.41 released and uploaded to SourceForgethis is the first release of JSecurityModule.
    Posted Dec 18, 2009, 3:45 PM by Barry Shteiman
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