Jerome Gifted & Talented


General Intellectual Ability
  • Comprehends abstract ideas and concepts
  • Considers concepts and situations in which he/she has no personal experience
  • Makes quick and valid generalizations and uses them in new situations
  • Demonstrates skills in reasoning and evaluating situations
  • Sees cause and effect
  • Chooses and enjoys challenging tasks or problems
  • Generates sophisticated and creative ideas and solutions
  • Demonstrates great curiosity; asks how, why, and what if
  • Chooses original methods and produces innovative products
  • Is keenly observant
  • Demonstrates advanced use of vocabulary for his/her age
  • Catches on quickly, then resists doing work, or works in a sloppy, careless manner
  • Exceptional thinker, but absentminded about details or where their work might be found
  • May do significantly better on standardized test scores than class performance


    • Sense of Self
    • Perfectionism
    • Strong Ideas/Beliefs/Opinions
    • Questions Authority
    • Motivation for and Intense Focus on Tasks
    • Withdrawal from Peers/Prefers Adults
    • Subtle Sense of Humor/Original Jokes and Puns
    • Boredom with Routine
    • Sensitive to the Needs of Others
    • Critical of Self and Others