A Sunday morning ride; around my hometown Athens, GA

A beautiful Sunday morning for a  ride around my hometown, Athens GA. Bikes, historical markers and places all to myself...


It was a beautiful morning for a ride. Even though I live in the middle of town, the scene on the right is only fifty feet from my driveway. You get the feel like you're miles away on an empty trail in the mountains.


Where do we want to go today? Let's ride downtown on this sleepy morning and see some sights.

I head out towards downtown. even though I live "in town" I'm about two miles from "downtown."  It's only about 9a.m. but there's not a soul to be seen. Saturday afternoon and evening things were really busy downtown. Many things going on in a college town in the spring. Parties, festivals, bands, always somewhere to go and have fun.

Athens GA still has the look and feel of the "old south." Even though many grand homes had fallen into neglect and disrepair in the '70s and some torn down, there are still many remaining that have been restored with love and care to their grandeur and style of days gone by. The Taylor-Grady house is a prime example Greek Revival architecture that was most popular in the south in the mid 1800's.


Let's see if we can find some other places of interest. Many of the places and history I take for granted. I've been living in Athens since the 70's. I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta,  came to school here at the University of Georgia and has been my hometown ever since.

I came to school in Athens, married an Athens girl and never left. I'm also employed as a GIS analyst at the University's, Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Laboratory. The photo at right is of my motorcycle in front of "The Arch" the main entrance to the university. The arch has been there a long time and is also found on Georgia's state seal.  There's an old superstitious tale that if you're a freshman male and walk under the arch,  bad things will happen to you!


The university of Georgia was the nations first chartered state university in 1785. "Old College" was the University's first permanent  building on campus built on 1806.


Let's move on and see what other sights of interest we can find this morning.  Lets swing by City Hall and check out the one of a kind Double Barrel Cannon designed and built during the War Between the States. The double barrel cannon was what seemed to be a great idea at the time but was doomed for failure. Now it's just a curiosity object and one of a kind relic.


Let's move on and check out some more of downtown. There's no one around this morning so a ride to the top of the downtown parking deck to check out the view. Looking north you can see a better view of city hall, an attractive structure I think.  I stop and walk around a bit. There's absolutely no one downtown this early. Time for a few more photos. Another photo of the ZR550 is in order before we move on. 


There's plenty of history in this part of Georgia. We're deep in the heart of the Confederacy. As a child and a "Yankee" by birth, I was always interested in that time in history. Even though Athens wasn't a large town it was an agricultural and industrial center known for cotton mills and it's railroad line. With the growth of the University, it was also well known as a cultural and educational center of Georgia.


 During the Civil War it had the largest armory in the Confederacy, The Cook Brother's Armory. The University of Georgia now owns the old Cook Brothers armory and houses the physical plant and other non academic support units.

When I arrived in Athens back in the 70's the University didn't have the academic status it holds today. Rather, it was known for being Playboy's number one "party school".... needless to say I had my share of the partying and good times but was lucky enough to hang in there and graduate after five years of fun and study. 

During that time, Athens became known as an alternative music hub. The Athens music scene grew in the early 1970s with the Uptown Lounge, Georgia Theatre, and 40 Watt Club. As the music scene started to take off,  the bands R.E.M. and the B-52'sscored breakout hits.  The music scene in Athens continues to produce many cutting-edge, underground bands and many that break the surface into the mainstream music community. 

One of REM's  albums "Automatic for the People" got it's title form a little hole in the wall soul food joint called  Weaver's D's fine foods.

It's gettin on towards lunch and after stopping by Weaver D's, closed on Sunday;  I'm ready to head home and have a bite to eat. 

Thanks Y'all, for coming along on my little Sunday tour; hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. 

 Till next time.............




 Fifty feet from my driveway could be deep in the woods

 It's early on a Sunday morning, not a creature stirring. It must have been a late night... I have  the streets to myself.


Athens still has the "old south" look and feel. The Taylor-Grady home is where my wife and I were married almost twenty seven years ago.

The Taylor-Grady home circa 1839

My ZR550 in front of "The Arch" main entrance to The University of Georgia

The University of Georgia chartered in 1785 as the first state university

"Old College" the first permanent building on north campus completed in 1806

The  Academic building with it's grand fluted Roman Corinthian columns!

The ZR550 in front of Athens' famous double barreled cannon

History of the one of a kind double barreled cannon


Athens City Hall on a beautiful Sunday morning

The old ZR550 looks good in the morning light

ZR550 at the old Cook Bro's  Armory 

Entrance to the Cook Brother's Armory 


 ZR550 parked in front of the world famous 40watt club

Weaver D's fine foods, "Automatic for The People"