Act of Consecration to the

Sacred Heart of Jesus

To be said every day during the month of June before the daily meditation.
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To Thee., O Jesus! I consecrate my heart; do Thou secure it within Thine. In Thy Heart I wish to take up my abode, and through the love of Thy Heart I wish to love. May I live in Thy Heart, unknown to the world, and known only to Thee. In Thy Heart, I shall find that consuming love, with which mine should be all on fire; in it I hope to find strength, light, and true consolation. If I am fainting, it will give me courage; if I am sad, it will give me joy; if I am disquieted and troubled, it will give me confidence.

O Heart of Jesus! may my heart be an altar ever burning with the fire of Thy love; may my tongue be employed in making known Thy goodness; may my eyes be unceasingly fixed upon Thy wound; may my mind constantly meditate on Thy adorable perfections; may my memory for ever preserve the recollection of Thy mercies; may my whole being, O Jesus! express my love for Thy Sacred Heart; and may my heart be ever ready to make any sacrifice for Thee.

O Heart of Mary! next to the Heart of Jesus, the most amiable, compassionate, and merciful of all hearts, present this my consecration, my love, and my resolutions to the Heart of Thy Son. Through Thee He will be moved to compassion for our miseries, and will deliver us from them; and thus, O Mother of Jesus! after being our protectress upon earth, Thou wilt be our Queen for ever in heaven. Amen.