lost our hart in Africa. This beautiful continent, with its strong contrasts, the friendly people, 
beautiful scenery and spectacular wildlife. Before this trip we travelled for shorts periods in Africa. 
This time we wanted more; more time, more freedom, more wildlife, more people and more nature.
So we sold our house, quit our jobs, bought a car and shipped it to Cape town.  

Sylvia Essenberg, born in Utrecht (Netherlands) in the winter of 1962.
For fulfilling my dream, travelling in Africa, I quit my job at the Dutch Government.
I love to see new things, be inspired and inspire others. Especially in an
environment that differs from the place where I used to live.

My latest creative projects were during my travel in Africa, where I painted
in Windhoek (Namibia) together with children from an orphanage.
I also made some wall paintings on a primary school and made
handmade paper and cards with boys in Tanzania.

Jan de Haan, born in Vlaardingen (Netherlands) in the autumn of 1967.
I worked at a bailiff office for the last years. I love to travel, explore new things
and capture these moments in photo's. I have a special interest in making photo's
with dramatic appearance. 
Some examples you can find in our photo gallery.  

At the moment i am looking for a job: Linkedin