Some technical problems

Tanzania, Lake Natron; because of bad road we almost lost our jerrycan

Malawi, Cape Maclear; hooter keeps on making noise

Namibia, Sesriem; loose battery plate, short-circuit caused almost a fire

South Africa, Hoedspruit; car was a little bit low on the back
side, they put in extra springs, and now it is far to high, we
can not reach our rooftop tent any more

Namibia, Windhoek; the car is very slow, problems with fuel-injection. They solved the problem but forgot to connect a wire. The next morning the car didn't start. We took a lift to the city from the camp-site. The driver was towing a helicopter, they use it to hunt on hunting-farms.

Malawi, Blantyre; changing oil on the African way


Tanzania, Lushoto; changing oil and some other things on the African way