Masai, a (sometimes) friendly tribe 

Tanzania; on various occasions we took people with us on the hood
of the car (we do not have space for lifters in our car)


Tanzania; this boy was very friendly, some others, we don't have pictures, try to hit you with
their stick if you don't give them something (money)



Tanzania, Lake Natron; We were invited at a Masai village.
They build their houses with cow-shit and mud and of
course we were encouraged to buy their traditional things.







Tanzania, Lake Natron; surprise after a very bad and bumpy road (50 Km) the Masai wanted
money to pass this gate. We argued about the fee, but it didn't help. We had to pay 20 dollar.
We continued on the still very bumpy road till we were stopped by an other Masai gate.
The first gate “forgot” to tell us about this. Again we had to pay 20 dollar. At the end nearly at our destination Lake Natron there was another gate. Here they wanted us to pay a 50 dollar fee.
So, in the end we paid 90 dollars for a very, very bad and bumpy road.  


Tanzania, Kilwa and Moshi; we were very safe. The Masai was not further than five meters
away from our car, during the whole night.


Tanzania, Lake Natron; we found a camp-site with a nice view, runned by the Masai. Very quickly
after our arrival we saw a lot of dust and dark clouds from a distance in the air. We asked one of the Masai if the bad weather was coming to this site. NOOOO, was the answer. It never comes to this location. So, we unfolded our rooftoptent and within five minutes there was a thunderstorm so
big we had never had before. Syl survived in the car and Jan saved the tent by hanging on to it.
It took more than an hour. We saw several small tents blowing away. Next morning, we missed
our tent cover. We found it at the other side of the camp-site.

Tanzania, Arusha; Masai market