Special camp-site

Mozambique, Guruez; our first camp-site in Mozambique, well camp-site, it was more a 
parking place. To get to the shower you had to walk through the mud, via the public road to
the other side of the Pension. The bathroom was on the second floor. So in the end there
was also a lot of mud in the shower as well. In the middle of the night they also started to
wash cars next to our place. After some complaining they stopped.


Malawi, Mzuzu; there is no camp-site in the surrounding so we put up our tent on the
church premises  


Malawi, Vwaza; no camp-site, we could park next to a chalet and use the bathroom. One hour
before we arrived an elephant passed and destroyed a tree and left some shit. The view 
was nice.


Mozambique, Bridge to Ilha; Looks nice he, wait till you see the 
toilet and showers, no running water, dirty, cold water. And they 
asked the had-price for it. The neighbourhood 20 meters from
camp-site looks also nice....  

Tanzania; Arusha; nice place, all of the sudden in the morning the place was filled by ants, 
biting ants.    


Tanzania, Unity one bridge; no camping, so we spend the night at the border post.



Tanzania, Moshi; on a coffee farm they also accommodate camping, with a nice view to the Kili.
But not for us, our car could not reach the lawn. So, because it was already late, we camped in
front of the farm, nearly on a dusty, busy road. In the shower Jan found some shit on the ground,
probably from human. A lot of people past by on the road and were begging for money. One guy
we could not get rid of. He was drunk, in the end Jan moved his hand-car further on the road and
then he followed and disappeared.


Tanzania, Lake Natron; camp-site was fine. It was
just the rain and the wind, a lot of wind.  


Malawi, Lilongwe; backpackers place, first quiet, then all of the sudden, neighbours, yippee.
On walking distance there was a “wonderful” river.  



Mozambique, Pemba; chairs stolen (we think by the guard), the police investigated the case
but nothing. The staff from the camp-site put protection glass on top of the walls.                                                                                    
We  found  three times a mouse in the car.