Namibia, Windhoek 

On request of Orange Babies (a Dutch NGO) Sylvia made a big painting 
together  with children from Hope Village,  an orphanage in Katutura, the
township of Windhoek.  The painting was send to Holland and sold on an 
auction for € 10.000,- at the Orange Babies yearly Gala event.

Zambia, Livingstone

After visiting the orphanage "Lubasi home" in Livingstonewe decided to give
painting lessons.

   Tanzania, Mambo

   Mambo is a very remote village in the Western Usambara Mountains. There are living 5.000 people in this village and 1.700 of them goes to the primary school. We visited the
   new build Dutch lodge (MamboViewPoint) on top of the mountains with 
a marvellous view over the Masai plains and the Kilimanjaro. This eco-lodge is set up especially to
   support  and  develop the region. We support their ideas and philosophy. 



After visiting the school we, together with MVP, decided to decorate this 
greyish school. We started with two big wall paintings with money that we 
collected via our travel-blog.


All hands together

We involved the teachers and children by painting hands and feeds on some walls.


We made a total make-over of a classroom.


This project is still running. A local artist “Moddy” is now making wall 
paintings at all the primary schools in the region.

   We absolutely believe that through painting, we give attention, inspiration and even an example how to change your environment in a more lovely place.


Together with local artists and staff from the lodge we organised a
special event for the teachers in the region about 'hitting' children

Handmade Paper making

We learned local boys how to make handmade paper from old dirty paper. 
We also made postcards. The purpose was to generate income, so they
could pay their school-fees.

Re-styling art/workshop

Local artists worked at a small workshop. To promote sales, we re-styled it
and helped them with a small administration and registration of articles.



We made an inventory of the primary schools in the region, about status of the
buildings, number of teachers and children, their inventory etc.

   Mambo Vijana Center

   The second time that we visited Mambo we were asked by local people, especially Moddy to support the children who finished primary school (age 14/15) and who are
   not going to secondary school. 

Mambo Vijana Center

We started with a small group of children, doing creative things for fun and of 
course they learned a little bit. Later on we learned the children to make things, 
that could be sold on the market, in the lodge or the art-shop.

Mambo Vijana Center 2

When it seems to be successful we decided to stay and supported Ndege
(the owner of Mambo Cliff Inn) with building a workshop on his land.
We bought material and tools and organised workshops for the children.

Mambo Vijana Farm

To generate income for the Vijana Center, the idea was born by Ndege and local people
to build a chicken, duck and rabbit farm to make the project sustainable. We collected
money again via our travel-blog. When we left Mambo the farm was not yet finished.