Toyota Landcruiser LJ70 (the small one, the very small one)
Year of birth 1990
2.4 Hi-lux engine, diesel, no turbo, only 60 horsepower (in the end we will come there where we want to be)
Runs 1 on 10
In former times the car did belong to the dutch roadworkers (RDW). That explains the color and lifted roof (we store our clothes there)
Howlingmoon tent 140x240 (big enough) and awning with sidewalls
2 extra tyres (1 on rim)
2 red plates to get out of the sand (never used till now, according to other 4x4 dudes they look like a carpet)
1 Hi-lift jack (never used as well, no idea how it works)
1 Waeco fridge
1 Alu box
1 King-ping roofrack (formerly used bij the windowcleaner)
2 jerrycans (most of the time empty)