Who we are

J's Animal Rescue Ottawa was created November 2013.

We are  a volunteer foster based rescue dedicated helping feral colonies, stray, abandoned and neglected cats and kittens.
You know from a young age what draws you and boy did it ever show in my case.  I started to rescue animals my first walk to school when I was about 6 years old.  A kitten had fallen into a creek on my path to school and of course I had to go in and get the little guy out of the water.  Instead of continuing to school, I went back home with little kitten in my jacket.  My parents not being animal lovers `could never understand my love and passion for them.

Our mission

Helping control the cat population in the Ottawa region and surrounding area.

Rehabilitating abandoned, neglected and abused  stray and feral cats and kittens and finding forever homes for our rescues.

Providing assistance to people in need and access to programs for qualified recipients.