UNIT - I Introduction : Importance of user Interface – definition, importance of good design. Benefits of good design. A brief history of Screen design. UNIT - II The graphical user interface – popularity of graphics, the concept of direct manipulation, graphical system, Characteristics, Web user – Interface popularity, characteristics- Principles of user interface. UNIT - III Design process – Human interaction with computers, importance of human characteristics human consideration, Human interaction speeds, understanding business junctions. UNIT - IV Screen Designing : Design goals – Screen planning and purpose, organizing screen elements, ordering of screen data and content – screen navigation and flow – Visually pleasing composition – amount of information – focus and emphasis – presentation information simply and meaningfully – information retrieval on web – statistical graphics – Technological consideration in interface design. UNIT - V Windows – New and Navigation schemes selection of window, selection of devices based and screen based controls. UNIT - VI Components – text and messages, Icons and increases – Multimedia, colors, uses problems, choosing colors. UNIT - VII Software tools – Specification methods, interface – Building Tools. UNIT - VIII Interaction Devices – Keyboard and function keys – pointing devices – speech recognition digitization and generation – image and video displays – drivers. TEXT BOOKS : 1. The essential guide to user interface design, Wilbert O Galitz, Wiley DreamaTech. 2. Designing the user interface. 3rd Edition Ben Shneidermann , Pearson Education Asia. REFERENCES : 1. Human – Computer Interaction. ALAN DIX, JANET FINCAY, GRE GORYD, ABOWD, RUSSELL BEALG, PEARSON. 2. Interaction Design PRECE, ROGERS, SHARPS. Wiley Dreamtech, 3. User Interface Design, Soren Lauesen , Pearson Education