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 It is come at last.

(2006-10-06):  My apologies to all yalls who should be in or updated that aren't. I actually am doing stuff with my time that isn't JRWR.  Its funny because I have been quoted as saying, "JRWR takes precendence over real life."  My only justification is that other things take precedence over real life also.  Anywho, we have a domain name.  Yea!!!!!  Its JRWR.org!  It redirects here.  Soon, I plan to host somewhere else. (I still love you google.) I am in some serious need of auto-updating, because I am lazy.  Okay that's it. Wait Patiently.    

(2006-08-31): Okay, I've decided to call the expansion JRWR version 2.0 alpha, 'cause its kinda worthless right now, especially since it applies to very few of you.  There may be some major changes occuring in the system soon, because I have been talking with some people that may have the means to improve the JRWR system.  Wait Patiently.     

(2006-08-23): Alright you lazies, the expansion is coming out on the 28th of this month (August).  That means that levels can now exceed level 100, the new maximum is going to be 500.  There may be more expansions in the future, but I kind of doubt it.  We will not be allowing more than ten sig-moves, but I'll think of something that over level 100-ers can do with their sig moves to make them better, or something else they can do to further improve their characters.  Oh yeah, Magical Mystery Numbers are going to be done everyday starting the 28th, just like it used to be for you old-timers.  AND WE NEED SOME MORE VILLAINS, so if you know anyone, let them know, I'd like to get Phil off of just taking up space.  Have fun laddies (and lassies I guess, but not really).   

(2006-04-21): Beginner tutorial is taking serious shape, and is at a working version.  Also Character management is up and all yalls can check it out when you need to update your character. 

(2006-04-14): The join page is now up!! All yalls that have been wanting to be a part of JRWR now can be! Please, feel free to check it out by clicking the link to left of this news article. And welcome to the JRWR Reality.

(Some time ago): A heck of a lot more coming soon.