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Our troops need our support more than ever

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The Star Spangled Banner

(Note this sound file lasts about 11 minutes, but it is well worth it! )


Some YouTube Videos of the Star Spangled Banner 


DeskFlag places an animated United States flag on your screen. The flag waves in the lower-right corner as you use your computer.
Download it here:  
Desk Flag

More to come 

NEW  Dear Mr. Obama
A message to Barack Obama from a US soldier.

Before You Go
A special song with pictures - A wonderful tribute and thank you to Veterans of WWII and Veterans of the Korean War


Some "must see" videos... 

This video shows a wonderful commercial supporting our troops.
Watch it here ... A quiet Commercial


Even after our troops return to civilian life, things are not easy. They have had to go through so much. They may find it hard to deal with things.
Watch it here... When a Soldier Comes Home

A wonderful video supporting our US Armed Forces.
It was created by Lizzie Palmer, a 15 year old girl.
Watch it here... Remember Me  

A soldier produced video. It's different, moving, and heart warming.
Watch it here... If I Die Before You Wake

A video about a Marine who came home from combat and went to school to thank them for their cards.
Watch it here... Coming Home

A wonderful video from the Sagebrush Patriot, narrated by John Wayne,
Watch it here... America, Why I Love Her

Burt Brady and a a group of people welcome home our troops at the Dallas-Forth Worth airport every morning. Another heart warming example of people who care.
Watch it here... DFW Welcomes Troops Home


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