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Slide Shows: 

Newest Slide Shows!
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Great Photos by Famous Photographer

We Thank You  


Lessons from the Geese   

The Northern Lights    

Kids & Their Animal Friends   

Pictures from Parks  

Birds, Insects, & Small Animals 

Birds and Sayings     

Winter Images    

     A collection of winter images of snow, ice, scenery & animals

Beautiful Water   

      Wonderful water- still, flowing, roaring

Top Nine Unique Structures   

      Under construction, changing the world's landscape

Space Shuttle Preparation 

Before flight preparation seldom seen by the general public

The Falkirk Wheel    

 What used to be 11 locks on the canals are now replaced with a wheel

Thousand Islands  

Beautiful scenes showing the islands
that straddle the US & Canadian border.

City Night Scenes  

 Night scenes of cities.

 Best Pictures in 2007   

 Very nice and interesting!

When Autos Were Art 

Beautiful pictures of Old Autos 

Alaska Railway Routes 

Absolutely beautiful!


          Beautiful Photography and Message

Our Planet Earth

Beautiful pictures of Earth from space

What A Wonderful World

Pictures and the Music 

Oh Canada

A Photo Collection of the beauties of Canada 

Fantastic Slide Show

Beautiful photographs with inspirational messages
~ Creator and photographer unknown

Fabulous Photography

Absolutely stunning photographs of all type of animals. Guaranteed to please all ages!

Life on a Train

Comparing life to a train ride.

 On the lighter Side:

Note: The Creators and photographers relating to these slide shows are unknown. I believe they are all in the public domain. If not, please contact me and I will remove.