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Jim's fishing system for crappie...

I have a 22 ft pontoon boat with a 115 HP Suzuki 4-stroke, fuel injection.
I have a "Happy Troller" trolling plate mounted on the motor, which will reduce the trolling speed to between 0.8 and 1.0 MPH.
Drift Master rod holders are attached to the sides and back of the boat.
I usually fish with 3-5 rods out each side and 2-4 rods out the back.

I use 16 ft, 14 ft, 12 ft, 10 ft. and 8 ft. rods for each side of the boat (note 2 ft spacing between to rods to minimize tangles). This picture shows the left side of the boat.
This picture shows my son, Kevin, who was working the 4-5 rods out the back of the boat
When people fish with me they really don't need to bring any rods or reels (just fishing license and drinks and lunch/snacks)

For lures I usually rig with 1/16 jig heads with twisters, or hair flies with or without minnows. Different colors are used to find a pattern. Sometimes 2 jigs/flies per rod.
The pictures to the right should some of the plastics we use. Most are 2 inches in length.
On some rods we may add split shots to cover a range of depths until a pattern is found.
We start trolling and checking speed via a handheld GPS and by watching the depth finder. In the spring and early summer we do best by trolling slow, 0.9 to 1.1 MPH. We obtain this slow speed with the Suzuki 4-stroke with the trolling plate. The motor runs extremely well at slow speeds and the plugs do not foul since it is a 4-stroke.
Typical Day of Fishing
A typical fishing day for me is to leave home at 7 am, Stop at Cracker Barrel at Exit 8 on I40 for a hearty breakfast, then drive to Swann's Marina to launch the boat. Then get 2-4 doz minnows (not always) and head to the known good trolling areas. Get the rods rigged and out...
Then sit back in the comfort of a pontoon boat with cokes and snacks waiting for strikes. What a wonderful to spend a day on the water, especially if you catch some fish. We usually head back home by 5 or 6 PM depending on the bite.
I have learned this system from a good friend, Monk Wilson. And I have purchased all my rod holders, rods and reels, and much of my fishing lure from him through...
Here's some of my fishing pictures. This first slide show are pictures made in 2007, and the second one is for 2008.