(Me & the idea of a house)
Berkeley's house, so cute

My specialization is in the history of modern philosophy, with an emphasis on the rationalists (Descartes, Spinoza, Conway, Leibniz, and others). My research generally pertains to early modern conceptions of metaphysical relations such as causation, composition, and dependence. However, a lot of my writing to date has focused specifically on the psychological, ethical, and political implications of early modern rationalist metaphysics.

I earned my PhD in philosophy at Boston University in the spring of 2012. After graduating, I taught at Boston University and worked with Alisa Bokulich to run BU's Center for Philosophy & History of Science. From 2014 to 2017 I worked as a visiting assistant professor at Michigan State University, where I now hold a permanent position as a teaching professor with the rank of Academic Specialist.

There's another philosopher by the name of John Gray. No relation. There's also a pretty famous guy with a similar name who writes bad science fiction. No relation.

Contact: greyjohn@msu.edu