First vs. Second Language Learning: From Neurobiology to Cognition

An Israel Science Foundation Workshop



We are happy to invite you to our Israel Science Foundation Workshop, First vs. Second Language Learning: From Neurobiology to Cognitionto be held at the Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, 26th-28th of September, 2016The main focus of the proposed workshop is to discuss how learning mechanisms operate online to gradually extract the statistical structure of a second language vs. first language, and how specific statistical properties of a novel language are perceived and assimilated by the brain. The workshop will present theoretically motivated cognitive and neural investigations of first and second language learning.

Maeirsdorf Faculty Club, room 405, Mt. Scopus.

Keynote speakers

Eve Clark - Stanford University
Morten Christiansen - Cornell University
Rebecca Gomez - University of Arizona

Invited speakers

 Patrick Rebuschat
 Erik Thiessen
 Fumiko Hoeft
 Jason Zevin
 Ken Pugh
 Jay Rueckl
 Blair Armstrong 
 Manuel Carreiras  Lauren Emberson
 Jennifer Culbertson
 Ludo Verhoeven
 Michal Ben Shachar
 Ovid Tzeng
 Jonathan Grainger  Dorit Ravid
 Nandini Singh
 Denise Wu  Anat Prior
 Merav Ahissar
 David Share  Tamar Degani
 Elinor Saeigh-Haddad  James H-Y Tai