"Thanks for all your hard work Jason! You helped make everything run smoothly and made sure everyone had a great time! You have an excellent personality and were fun to work with! I hope the rest of your season goes well - I would highly recommend you!"
- Amanda, Bride from Wedding May 18th 2014 at Red Rocks

"Our wedding was displaced as a result of the flooding in Estes Park during October 2013. Jason was willing to follow us no matter where we wound up having our wedding. While we were still able to have our event in Estes Park, the drive which normally would have taken about 1 hour turned into a 3 hour drive. Jason didn't complain about the extra time or effort it took to make sure he could be there for our event. Unfortunately, not all of our vendors were this agreeable. I would highly recommend Jason for anyone looking for a DJ for their event."  - Amanda
"Jason, Thanks again for coming to (Ft) Morgan for our reception. Our guests enjoyed the music and could have danced into
the early morning."  - Chrissy and Kylee

“Dear Jason  - Please accept our belated thank you for all you did to make our wedding beautiful and fun! Everyone had such a great time - and the balloons and bubbles were such a hit with the kids! We will be happy to be a reference for anyone who may be considering you for their wedding or event and will definitely recommend you if ever we hear of folks looking for a DJ. Thank you again for everything. It was wonderful working with you!    - Christine and Andy”

“Jason, Thank you for everything on our special day -  we appreciate it.  - Rachel and Matt”


“Jason  - Thank you so much for making our day so great!   -  Sabrina and Michael”

“Thank you so much for providing the music for our “special surprise party”!!!! It was such a blessing not to worry about the music / entertainment portion of the night. Our guests were thrilled and had a wonderful time!!!! I will not fail to recommend you to our friends and family. Thank you your warm and personal attention and your willingness to make it what we wanted!!! Perfect!!!

Blessings,     -  Henry and Barb


“Jason did a wonderful job! He was a professional in every sense. Several guests approached me and my parents to say that it was the most fun wedding reception that they had been to and that they never saw a dance floor so full! He kept the dance floor full for the entire reception and I had the time of my life dancing with family and friends (and my husband!). You will not be disappointed...”

                                                                                                         - Mandi


“Jason did a great job. We didn't really talk a lot before the event - just a few emails back and forth but we did get what we wanted. He did a good job at the reception in getting everyone to participate which is fun! I hate when no one wants to get up and get on the dance floor or just stands around bored - he definitely got everyone on their feet. He also provided music for the ceremony - everything turned out well!”    - Julia





Commonly Asked Questions

Do you provide a written contract for your services? Absolutely! Always get any service providers agreements in writing!

How many wedding receptions have you performed at? I have personally orchestrated between 300—350 wedding receptions over 10 years of experience. I am still looking for new and innovative ways to improve after each and every one.

May I see you perform at a wedding reception?  I certainly understand that it is difficult to base your decisions solely based on advertising, marketing, and promises. You would like to see what you will get for your money. This is why I suggest that we speak about what opportunities you may have to see me in action when it would be appropriate for you to “pop in” and see how things are going.

How much do you charge? Please see my website for current pricing info about my Package Price. Everything that you will need to make your reception GREAT! This includes up to five hours of music, background dinner music, dance music and light show. There may be a small fee for travel expenses outside of the Ft Collins/Loveland area $20-$50

How early do you arrive prior to a wedding reception? I always plan to arrive a full 90-120 minutes before your guests. This insures that all equipment has been tested and that any issues have been ironed out before your guests arrive. Nobody wants to be there while the DJ is doing a sound check!

What would you the DJ usually wear at the wedding reception?  As a general rule I always wear a tuxedo unless the Bride and Groom have specifically requested that I wear something else.

Do you have a wide base of entertainment experience to draw from?  Absolutely! I got started in the field of entertainment as a DJ about 10 years ago. This lead me into a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in Television and Radio from UNC Greeley. Now I am a regular host of KRFC Ft Collins 88.9fm’s Live@Lunch live music program as well as on-air programmer and host for the Dog House Rock radio show. 

Will you the DJ act as a master of Ceremony? Yes! This is a big part of what you need a DJ for. I can orchestrate all of the major events under changing conditions in order to keep things moving to prevent your guests from getting bored. Usually I announce the special events that people might want to take pictures of: First Dance, Cake, Bouquet, Garter, etc.

Are you able to play continuous music? Yes...the music never stops.

How much music do you have? Right now I take somewhere around 8,000 of the BEST songs from all genres to each and every show. I also have access to my personal CD collection and use several different online subscription services. If I do not have a song you need then I will get it!

Do you have any dance floor lighting?  Yes, I have a full dance floor light show available to you at no extra cost.

Are there any special needs for your equipment? Other than the normal precautions for any electrical equipment, no. I only need a single, unshared outlet to run my whole system.

What does your equipment consist of? JR Productions uses the most trusted name in concert and event sound, Peavey. This sound system consists of a “ bulletproof ” 1000 watt Tri-Flex Peavey PA system complete with powered satellite speakers and black-widow subwoofer. This system packs small, sounds crystal clear and punches HARD! The lighting system has effects from such companies as Chauvet, Eliminator and American DJ.

Do you take requests? Of course! One of my favorite things to do at a wedding reception is to walk around and ask the people at the tables if they have any requests. This gives me a chance to get to know your guests a little and it also allows your guests to get to know me, which will make them feel much more comfortable. This has proven to be one of the most important things that I do to insure the success of any event.

Do you have a reception planning form and can we meet in person with you before our wedding to discuss it? Absolutely! It is very important for us to meet (if possible) to go over your plans and make sure that we are on the same page when the big day rolls around. Of course it should be said that even the best laid plans need to be flexible, this allows us to work around any unforeseen circumstances. Two or three face to face meetings really will insure that things will go smoothly. Phone consultations can easily be arranged if distance or time makes it difficult to meet in person.


Do you have a comprehensive Back-up Equipment Plan? Please take a look at my entire Equipment Failure Back-up Plan. I am quite confident that no other DJ company is willing to go as far as I have to insure that your reception runs smoothly and problem free. With my access to a local network of DJ’s you are always covered if I am not able to make a gig due to illness, personal injury or family emergency.


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