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Where anyone can ask for an SRB2 netgame. Check them out at



My new site is now under beta testng

Best srb2 website ever! That all I can say.



Started an SRB2 Blog. Any one can join the team.

Find out whats going on with SRB2 and what might be come up.

A new up date for the Blog

New Stuff Found in SSNTails’ Directory part2


Site will be moving soon. More info come up in a few days. This may take longer then I thought.

My new site will be at Sepwich. Well its no were near done I will post it anyway. http://jrose.sepwich.com

EsperNet JAVA Chat Client

I find an easy way to join srb2fun. By using EsperNet JAVA Chat Client on their site. All you half to do is type this /join srb2fun in the bar below and then hit enter. Seen in this photo.

EsperNet JAVA Chat Client


Added an IRC Chat App. Its easy to use. No password need.

I have a new article up. Secrets of SRB2

Test Out Web Apps. Tell me what you think