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VI. Wide Image

Wide Image

The chords of a guitar playing along with the singing voice emerges as the emblem moving across the phases of the popcycle and guiding my creativity. I see the chords being played and carrying connections across the quadrants through connecting threads or streams of water – in the ocean, storm, and dehydration, in the walls of the school, in the looming tower, in the vines of the garden, and in the drinks being served by Bruno the bartender; always a threat of danger for me. Finding the chords of the situation enable me to find the chords that can be played to resolve issues, make judgments, resolve Issues carried over from the past. These are the uncanny connections where the chords can be played. Finding the water in the situation provides places where resolution and consultation can be applied.

Bruno reinvented himself, Joe traded his bored malaise for joy in living, and I traded a STEM focus for one in the Arts & Humanities. Joe and my dad played the ukulele and the guitar, and I do as well. I would sing in the chorus harmonize with Soprano, Alto, Bass, and other tenors, join the theatre scene like the helpful Greek Chorus, and I would learn and appreciate the cannons of rhetoric to make effective judgments on areas of civil importance. To understand the threads of the past, each with its own pitch, allows me to connect to things flowing into the present. To recall them to benefit the present situation tunes the strings for different approaches, meanings, or methods. To use those insights productively is like playing them in varying chords. This enhances the speech performance, setting the words and actions of addressing issues stronger personal contextualization and aesthetics, like setting it to music. It gives the present access to the valuable past. In the age shifting toward Electracy, the tools gathered from the past, from rhetoric, speech, strings, and music coalesce into the wide image of the singing guitar. The Electrate environment of overlapping imagery into a chord certainly has value and potential for the future.

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