My gaming machine 


 All polished up. Several coats of varnish, lots of sanding and a final sand of high grit, and a buffing wheel with a polishing compound.

 I still haven't found a nice brass mesh to cover this hole, or the slot in the front. Then again, I haven't really been looking. :)

 Shot of the underbelly, yeah not so glamorous, but hey who sees the bottom, eh?

 There are the guts, lower left hand corner you can see the keyboard encoder that converts the inputs from the control panel to keystrokes. The power supply is a 1u rackmount, normally used in rackmount servers. However it's footprint was perfect for my purposes.

 Perspective view of the inside, there you can see the wireless keyboard, and the junction boxes I used to help keep the button wiring cleaner. I snagged those from my father in law, who does custom electrical work on cars, a great source of random neat parts.

 A head on view of the control panel underside.

 A shot of the Mamewah front end in action.

 Hacked mouse PCB to the inputs of an Imperial Trackball a friend donated to me after he replaced both of his on Golden Tee 2k.

Modified trackball buttons