J.Rob's Snowboard Journal

  • Nate Chute Hawaiian Classic 2009 Log Session

Everyone made it back to my hometown, Whitefish, Montana, for the 10th Annual Nate Chute Hawaiian Classic. Which is a memorial Banked Slalom for Nate, and a sort of reunion for all his good freinds. Following the event we had a little session on the Big Mountain's legendary log slide. NC Production's boarders Aaron Robinson, Kyle Miller, and myself, as well as photo and video dawgs, Brendan Rohan and Leland McNamera, respectively, were all along for the ride. There was only going to be good lighting for about an hour or two, and it was Leland's birthday, who only had about an hour to film, before his couple's massage at the lodge.

We came for the rainbow log, which is a local favorite, yet a little creativity and a little muscle, almost instantly turned an upright, dead tree into a fully functional log jam. It was a super fun day of snowboarding, with my brother and some really good friends, plus we all walked away with some shots.

Jason Robinson floating a little shifty

Jason and Aaron Robinson timing out the double on only the third try.


  • J.Rob and friends head to Northstar

Watch some of the action from closing weekend up at Northstar. Hope you enjoy!

  • ThirtyTwo Outerwear 2010 Product Review

ThrityTwo has been recognized for years as a leader in the snowboard boot market and are now crossing over into outerwear as well. The outerwear line is simple, yet dope, nothing to flashy or overdone. There are a variety of fits ranging from relaxed down to Sexton's am model tight fit pants. Much of the line features water-proof zipper seams and hood cinches for extra protection from the elements. Hit up Thirtytwo.com to check out a few more of the new fits.

JP displaying the Shiloh Jacket and Pant

  • NCproductions Visits Great Divide Montana

As driving past the ranches and wheat fields that make up Montana’s North Helena Valley the last thing that would go through your mind is how good the snowboarding must be around here. However, your initial assumption, that there couldn’t possibly be a shred worthy ski area anywhere nearby, couldn’t be further from the truth. Under a half hour down the road and you’re in the world’s liveliest ghost-town, Marysville Montana. This little community nestled in the Elkhead Mountains, at the base of Great Divide ski resort,once boasted a population of over 50,000 and is still littered with signs of the areas rich historic culture. The Drumlummon Mine, a gold and silver mine, that the town was built around, produced over a billion dollars worth of gold and silver at today’s prices; so I guess you could say this place is pretty much money.

 Lucus Wilson getting tipsy with this frontside invert

When we arrived up at Great Divide, the whole NC Productions crew was greeted by the mountains mascots, two lively border collies. These dogs run things here; even during the regular season they are the ones that are chasing you down and trying to wrangle you in, for going too fast in the slow skiing zone. Great Divide has been family owned and operated since day one and has a real friendly, feel at home vibe, that coupled with having the amazingly talented and eccentric park builder, Joe Pope, makes Great Divide the best park riding experience in the State.

Jason Robinson sending one big for the crew. F/S 7

Our crew pretty much had free reign for a couple days, we were given some snowmobiles to use for getting around, and an assortment of features for us to have some fun with. Great Divide has a super progressive jib section that takes you through a glade of trees and has a few cool street style features, full of Montana flavor, called Wild Wood. Some features are reminiscent of your Lincoln Log set you had as a young child, but unlike playing with your Lincoln Logs, the NCP crew did not do any building, they strictly destroyed. There was also what ended up being dubbed the “bottle rocket” which was part of an old lift tower used as a pole jam, but to maximize the amount to jam on, a much skinnier square bar was welded on to act as the support under the snow, when out of the snow it looked just like a giant bottle rocket. It was sort of a last minute addition to the park so Pope and our crew put in the work to get the stick of this giant bottle rocket stuck securely into the ground. Everyone ended up killing it and had such a good time on this feature, the talented Lukas Wilson may now also be called “bottle rocket” for how huge he was airing off of this thing. Then you have the infamous Great Divide wall ride which is always sure to please. You could tell everyone was super stoked to be here and were feeding off each other’s riding, pushing it a little further each hit. Upcoming shred Kyle Miller had the home field advantage and you could tell. Hailing from Helena Montana, this young-blood was laying down tech tricks with ease and turning things up a notch.

 Kyle Martin getting some late night tail in Great Divide's Wild Wood park

At the end of the second day riding in the parks we decided to jib around a bit at the base, for a few more kicks and possibly a chance for some shots. After a little dorking off we were ready to head out. While we were saying goodbye, Pope informed us of the little fire road you can ride right down into the town Marysville. Refusing to end our great couple days of shredding here, NCP crew veteran Vincent Remmel and I decided to give it a shot. After an exhilarating, high speed bender through the trees we arrived in the town of Marysville. From here there is only one logical thing to do, and that is to go hit up the Marysville House, the best place in town, well actually it’s the only place in town, but it is still sure to please. It was a great spot to reflect on, over a beer and some warm homestyle cooking, all the good times everyone had here in Montana’s heartland.

  • Quick Profile of Up and Coming Rider Aaron Robinson

Name: Aaron Robinson

Date of Birth: November 5, 1986 

Hometown: Whitefish Montana

Sponsors: K2 Snowboards, Volcom, Dakine, Air Goggles, Spirit Skate Shop

Years Riding: 14 

Favorite place to shred: Alaska