The best tool to synchronize between iTunes and Windows Media Player

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"Easy to use, does exactly what I need" - download.com reviewer

"Pros: Free, easy to use, effective ... and I could not find another tool that would transfer ratings over to iTunes at all. This did it beautifully.
Cons: There is nothing that I didn't like about this little app."
- download.com reviewer



"If you transfer data from media player to iTunes this is a must have. Excellent!" - download.com reviewer


"Indispensable if you use WMP, but you have also iPod" – Gapa http://wakoopa.com/Gapa


I discovered a brilliant piece of shareware called MusicBridge.” – David Kirk



We are writing a special story upon "The Best Freeware" and MusicBridge 2.0.1 will be part of it" – Amedeo Novelli , PC World Italy


As winner of Audio category MusicBridge 2.0.1 is also part of the PCW special selection "must-have software", a sort of starter kit inluded in each monthly issue (CD and DVD) of PC World Italy." – Amedeo Novelli , PC World Italy


This is genius and it really solves some of the real world issues that arise when moving between these applications.” – Paul Thurrott http://community.winsupersite.com/blogs/paul/archive/2007/10/05/first-look-digital-media-core-audio-format-mp3.aspx


“This is a magical, magical tool. It is exactly what I was looking for, its absolutely beautiful” – Paul Thurrott Windows Weekly Podcast http://www.twit.tv/ww35


“To watch this thing come up with all of my ratings intact, I mean that’s just, it’s awesome.” - Paul Thurrott Windows Weekly Podcast http://www.twit.tv/ww35


“…getting that stuff into Media Center via Windows Media Player  is astonishing, it’s just awesome. This is a great application.” - Paul Thurrott Windows Weekly Podcast http://www.twit.tv/ww35


“…you’ve created the greatest thing ever.” - Paul Thurrott Windows Weekly Podcast http://www.twit.tv/ww35


Paul Thurrott’s ‘Pick of the Week’ - Windows Weekly Podcast http://www.twit.tv/ww35


This is an amazing tool, and highly recommended. It's amazing seeing my very thorough iTunes ratings appear, perfectly, in WMP.” – Paul Thurrott http://www.internet-nexus.com/2007/09/sync-itunes-windows-media-player-and.htm


“MusicBridge works great, and MusicBridge could easily be used to migrate a music collection from iTunes to WMP, or from WMP to iTunes.” – Paul Thurrott http://www.internet-nexus.com/2007/09/sync-itunes-windows-media-player-and.htm


Freeware of the Week (9/17/07), Tech Help Videos - http://techhelpvideos.wordpress.com/2007/09/17/freeware-of-the-week-music-bridge/


"...MusicBridge is a must-have." - FLOSS Pick #5, Tim http://www.scartech.net/archives/37


Simple, effective and saves an awful lot of time!” - kieranwynn download.com review (5 stars)


“Essential software for MCE”, “The product replicates all iTunes data flawlessly” - marcelbrinkman  download.com review (5 stars)

“Runs very fast and does a great job getting ratings and such from iTunes into WMP. Seems to be the only utility to do this so it's great to have. Thank you!” - vJack download.com review (4 stars)

“This program has saved me countless hours i would have wasted converting 2200 AAC files into mp3s, and finding new cover art for WMP to read for Media Center 2005. All was done in about 5 minutes max” - cigga24 download.com review (5 stars)


“Essential piece of software!” - tmchow download.com review (4 stars)


“Using this sync software should allow you to get the best of both worlds for the least amount of work. This would make this useful even if you don't have an iPod.” - http://jspear.spaces.live.com/


“Keeping your library in synch manually is a time consuming process - that is unless you use MusicBridge which does an amazing job of keeping them both in perfect harmony at all times.” - http://www.insidetonic.com/how-to-sync-itunes-and-wmp-playlists/


“It’s really fantastic, and yes, it saves you a lot of work, im very happy!!.” - Ar7ur0[MX]  http://www.insidetonic.com/how-to-sync-itunes-and-wmp-playlists/


“Music Bridge is great! I synced all data from WMP to iTunes.” - omar ebrahim http://forums.vnunet.com/message.jspa?messageID=788952


“I would have killed for a program like MusicBridge a week ago.” - http://broo2.blogspot.com/2007/09/itunes-windows-media-sync-musicbridge.html


“It effortlessly moved my WMP ratings, which were embedded in the songs, into iTunes.” - http://www.dkldomain.com/gadgetdude/2007/10/17/musicbridge-and-album-arts/


“If you're not convinced by either iTunes or WMP but like to keep them both rolling, then this is an impressive, if not perfect solution.” - Nick Mead  http://musicbridge.en.softonic.com/


The software is fast, syncing 4 gigs of music in about a minutes times worth.” - http://funnytechpants.blogspot.com/2007/04/sync-itunes-and-windows-media-player.html


"...a program that saves you a hell of a lot of work and confusion." -Nicholas Mead  http://www.insidetonic.com/how-to-sync-itunes-and-wmp-playlists/


"...used the coolest app ever, MusicBridge to sync over all of the playlists and metadata from iTunes to WMP11," - Oddgit http://www.n95users.com/forum/connectivity/5932-music-transfer-issues.html


I use MusicBridge (an awesome, must-have tool) to keep my playlists, ratings, and playcounts in sync and I'm good to go.” - http://blog.seanalexander.com/2007/10/06/WaitingToSingANewZune.aspx


Does what is says with ease!! - download.com reviewer


Finally I found for what I was looking for a long time.! - download.com reviewer

“Excellent! Great. Just what I needed!! - download.com reviewer


Featured on PC Utilities magazine coverdiscs 76 & 104  http://www.magnesiummedia.com/pcutilities/details28472.html