The best tool to synchronize tag data between iTunes and Windows Media Player

MusicBridge allows people who use both iTunes and WMP on the same machine to keep their libraries in sync. MusicBridge offers a variety of synchronization options so that you can manage your music collection in either media player or both.

Originally developed to handle the problem that although WMP can play AAC files with the correct codec it does not read any of the tag information.

MusicBridge is and always has been offered fully functional for free.

It has been downloaded over 50,000 times from which is just one source for MusicBridge. It is also consistently ranked as a 'popular' download meaning it is in the top 25 for its category.

I am however now accepting donations, so if you have offered a donation in the past, or you like the tool and feel generous please feel free to submit a donation using the button on the left.

The 2.0 version has now been released and is available for download. It offers a few new features and is Vista compatible, details can be found in the readme.

If you have any ideas for new features that you would like to see please use the discussion group that is linked to the left.

Please note that MusicBridge does not copy songs between iTunes and WMP, and it does not let WMP play AAC/m4p files, it allows you to copy meta-data between the two.

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