About me...

I'm currently a PhD candidate in the Ecology & Evolutionary Biology department at the University of Colorado-Boulder, in Piet Johnson's lab. I received my AB in Environmental Biology at Washington University in St. Louis in 2010, where I worked at Wash. U's Tyson Research Center for three summers with Jon Chase and Kevin Smith.

My research has been broad, ranging from the trophic effects of invasive wetland plants to wildlife disease control. Right now my primary focus is on disease ecology and host- pathogen evolution. Specifically, I'm interested in understanding how host and pathogen diversity can interact to affect disease and pathogen transmission. I use a variety of tools to tackle this topic, including modeling, experiments, field surveys and meta-analyses.

I'm also interested in statistics. That's right. I'm interested and proficient in simple and advanced applications of both frequentist and Bayesian stats. I code in R and use JAGS via the 'rjags' package for Bayesian analyses. I have a bunch of example code available upon request...check out the Statistics page for some detailed examples.

(No animals were eaten following this shot)