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Banners by JrMasterModelBuilder

Set one of these images as you BZPower (or other) banner (click banner for code, click copy to clipboard, then paste into your signature):
Newer versions featuring smaller file sizes and easier copying of code. If you have the older images, you can update with the new code.
Older images (use the above ones unless you need it in image format):

[acronym=SAVE BIONICLE, COPY MY SIG, TIME IS SHORT.][url=""][img][/img][/url][/acronym] 

[acronym=SAVE BIONICLE, COPY MY SIG, TIME IS SHORT.][url=""][img]

[acronym=SAVE BIONICLE, COPY MY SIG, TIME IS SHORT.][url=""][img]

[acronym=SAVE BIONICLE, COPY MY SIG, TIME IS SHORT.][url=""][img]
No credit is required for intended usage, however, the included image link is appreciated.

I would like to thank all the people who have made the original (top) banner more successful than I could have ever hoped for. When I first read that The LEGO Group had decided to suspend their BIONICLE line of sets, I knew that there would be a need for a banner like this and immediately set about creating one. However, I still need you help. It is people like you who have made it the success it is, but the more it is used, the more likely it will be heard. I thank each and every one of you for your support. I never could have imagined it would be what is probably the most popular banner on BZPower. Due to it's popularity, I have decided to make a new banner with the same style. I hope you all will like it just as much. In addition, I have now created yet another, this time much different, banner to express distaste with Hero Factory.
TERMS OF SERVICE (the legal stuff I feel I must put):

Use of any aspects of my banners signifies your agreement to the Terms Of Service. Only the embed codes are provided credit-free. The BIONICLE logo is copyright The LEGO Group with everything else copyright myself. As the logo is reduce quality, it is used under the assumption that it constitutes fair use. You may not reuse these images in whole, in part, or in design without the expressed written permission of myself. This agreement may be modified in the furture without notification.

Multiple people have claimed that my original banner is 'threatening' towards The LEGO Group. I see not how that is, and, unless you can speak on behalf of The LEGO Group (in which case I would love to hear from you), I ask that you please stop trolling.

Smeagol4 of BZPower has created an unsanctioned parody of my original banner. While I do not approve, and a simple e-mail to the generous people of PhotoBucket would have deleted it, I have chosen to allow it to remain.

tent163phantoka:storydude of BZPower has made a most ammusing (if low quality) parody of my banner. Please do not get mad at him. It is fair use because he took almost nothing from the original. More importantly, he actually means well. Good for tent163phantoka:storydude for being a pacifist!
I've seen one other acceptable and perfectly legal (though inexplicably weird) parody of my banners. Oh dear, I seem to have started a fad.
Last modified: 4-9-11