Support the Youth

The Alameda County Junior Livestock Program

Each year Alameda County youth select FFA and 4-H livestock projects (swine, beef, lambs and goats) to compete at the county fair. In addition to the expense of purchasing their animals, feed and supplies, these projects require hours of attention to feed, train, and prepare their animals for the show. The youth learn essential life skills such as communication, organization, cooperation, responsibility, and financial management. The months of educational work experience includes biology, nutrition, accounting, marketing, and personal accountability training.

4-H and FFA livestock projects provide opportunities for young people to develop solid values that will serve their community wherever they live. At the Alameda County Fair, their hard work pays off when these projects are judged, graded and sold.

The Junior Livestock Auction provides the community an opportunity to invest in our youth and their future. Proceeds from the sale of projects go towards the exhibitor’s next year’s project and often fund college educations enhancing the ability of these youth to contribute to their communities.

As a buyer, your participation in the sale recognizes youth for the time, expense, and effort that has gone into raising an animal for market. You receive top-quality meat and may obtain advertising value and/or tax benefits from the purchase of an animal (consult with your tax preparer regarding deductions for price paid above market value).

Please support the Alameda County Junior Livestock Auction and invest in the youth of Alameda County.