How to Buy

Ways to Purchase

IN PERSON: Enjoy a day from years gone by. The auctioneer’s cry creates an exciting, fun event. Auction officials will assist you with this process.

PROXY: If you are not able to attend but want to participate, you can do so by proxy. Contact a member of the Auction Committee to make arrangements OR select your own proxy buyer.


Yield and Costs:
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How a Purchase is Made

  • Register when you arrive, and get your buyer number.
  • Raise your hand when you wish to body on an animals until the ring-man acknowledges your bid.
  • The highest bidder is the buyer.
  • Your name (or your company’s name) will be displayed on the illuminated marquees and in next year’s sales catalogue.
  • The 4-H or FFA member whose animal you purchased will bring your sales receipt to you.
  • You will verify the sale price and indicate what you want to do with the animals (consume, resell, take live or charity) by simple checking a box.
  • You will pay on auction day by check, credit card or cash.
  • If the animal is for consumption, the processor will contact you to get specific cutting and wrapping instructions. They will walk you through this easy process.