2018 Alameda County Jr. Livestock Auction!

Sunday, July 8th, 2018
8:30 AM

The Junior Livestock Auction Boosters have been benefiting the livestock exhibitors at the Alameda County Fair for over 30 years.  

The Boosters is divided into two subcommittees. the BBQ Committee and the Sponsorship Committee.   

The BBQ Committee: provides a delicious BBQ steak lunch for the buyers during the auction and puts together Champion Row.   

The Sponsorship Committee: was developed to meet the wishes of individuals and businesses to contribute to the overall Jr. Livestock Auction program. Some donors may also wish to purchase animals, which benefit the individual sellers. Sponsorship contributions will benefit all 4-H and FFA market exhibitors.    

The auction is self supporting, and each youth must contribute 5% of their gross receipt to the operating account.  Over the years Boosters has contributed thousands of dollars to help offset these auction expenses so that the amount withheld from each exhibitor is kept at a minimum. These contributions have included auctioneer fees, animal freight, brochure printing, photos for the buyers, stationary, buyer name-tags,  Beef & Pork promotion fees, credit card fees and staff time.   

The Sponsorship Committee also puts forth monies towards the education of buyers as well as exhibitors and sponsors a variety of awards. Finally, in cases where an exhibitor does not receive an adequate price at the auction, Boosters may add money to the purchase price so that they will at least achieve a breakeven amount for their project.