J.R. Kuntz



Research Interests
Philosophical Intuitions and Methods
, Metaethics, Normative and Epistemic Value, and Ethical Theory.


Characterizing Ethical Cases: A Cross-Cultural Investigation of Individual Differences, Organisational Climate, and Leadership on Ethical Decision-Making. Journal of Business Ethics.                                                  ----Kuntz, J.R.C., Kuntz, J.R., Elenkov, D.S., and Nabirukhina, A. (2013)

Surveying Philosophers about Philosophical Intuition. Review of Philosophy and Psychology 2(4):643-665.                                      ----Kuntz, J.R. and Kuntz, J.R.C. (2011)

Ethical decision-making: An empirical examination. International Journal of Business Research 10.                                           ----Kuntz, J.R.C., Kuntz, J.R., and Elenkov, D.S. (2011)

Ethical Decision-Making: An Integrative Model for Business Practice. European Business Review: (Special Issue) Business Ethics - Through Time and Across Context 22(4): 359 - 376.                    ----Pimentel, J.R.C., Kuntz, J. & Elenkov, D. (2010)

A Litmus Test for Exploitation: James Stacey Taylor's Stakes and Kidneys. The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 34: 1-21.          ----Kuntz, J. (2009)

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PhD. (Philosophy), University of Edinburgh

Methods and Approaches to Theories of Philosophical Intuitions

M.A. (Philosophy),  University of Tennessee

 Naturalizing Intuition: A Cognitive Science Approach to Moral Cognition

B.A. (Philosophy),  University of South Florida

B.S. (Biology), University of South Florida

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