iMemoryMatchLITE is a classic memory game of cards. The only difference being that, the CARDS HAVE A HIDDEN SEQUENCE OF 4 CHARACTERS. This app has one level with 32 cards (16 pairs). Each time you come back to play this level, the cards get shuffled, so it's a new game each time.This app is designed to improve your 1.MEMORY 2.PATTERN RECOGNITION 3.SORTING CAPABILITIES 4.ATTENTION TO DETAIL 5.ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE 6.OVERALL DEVELOPMENT OF THE BRAIN THIS LITE VERSION OF iMemoryMatch IS FREE OF ADS. So, you get the complete experience of the game, without any distractions. THIS IS NOT A GAME OF MATCHING PICTURES. Whether you are looking to keep your kids occupied with a brain challenging game or you want to test your own memory or you want a game that keeps you occupied for hours, download the full version of iMemoryMatch. The full version, by JRJA Software Solutions is priced at only $0.99. The full version (iMemoryMatch) has 6 levels to choose from. It has 2 beginner levels (for ages under 10 years), 2 intermediate levels (for ages between 10 and 18 years) and 2 expert levels (for ages 18+). With different levels of play, iMemoryMatch can be fun and challenging for all ages. It keeps track of your score, number of taps and time taken in each and every level. You can come back and play the same level or a different level and beat your own score, taps and time. The best part of the app is that the cards get shuffled each time you come back to play a particular level. With attractive graphics, animation and sound effects, this game is a complete entertainment bundle.