I am an Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Business of Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez. My research and teaching especializes in corporate finance and valuation.
My research falls into two great areas, corporate finance and financial inclusion. On the former I am particularly interested in the study of the determinants of firms' ability to invest and the effect that the institutional and regulatory environment have on the availability of financing. I have done research on how pollution regulation affects the investment of electricity producers; how mergers and acquisitions regulation affects the value of corporate control; on the impact in stock valuations of firms auditor change decisions; on how policy uncertainty related to the cash holdings of corporations; and on how cross-country differences in institutions and legal enforcement impact corporate decisions. On the later I have done research on how individual’s savings decisions in defined contribution pension systems are affected by the provision of personalized information; and on the impact of entrepreneurship training programs characteristics.

Feel free to browse my current work on the working papers section.

My contact information is:
Julio Riutort
Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
Escuela de Negocios
email: julio.riutort@uai.cl
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