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Although you are required to purchase a graphical calculator made by Texas Instruments when you take a calculus course, it is my personal opinion that these graphical calculators are much too complicated and confusing for many students who are taking General Chemistry.  I recommend that you use only a simple, easy-to-use scientific calculator made by Texas Instruments.  The main webpage describing the TI non-graphical scientific calculators is:

I recommend that you purchase and use only one of the following TI scientific calculators in this course:


Many of my students prefer using a TI 30-XIIS calculator instead of the TI-30Xa because the IIS has a two-line display which makes it possible for you to see what keys you have pressed (making it much easier for you to notice and make corrections).   Please be very mindful of the fact that the IIS calculator does not have the EE (Enter Exponent) key in the usual place.  Instead, the EE function in the TI-30X IIS is the second function of the reciprocal [1/x] key.  This fact tends to make entering numbers in scientific notation somewhat harder.  Just remember that you will need to press 2nd and then EE each time you want to use to enter a number written in scientific notation into this TI 30-XIIS calculator.

Below you will find links to very helpful YouTube videos that explain how to use the Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator (battery-powered).  It is inexpensive, easy to learn, and it has many features that you will be able to use in your chemistry courses.
Simply scroll down and play whatever videos you are interested in looking at.  Remember that you can maximixe the video (switch to full screen) by clicking on the full screen icon in the lower right hand corner.  Then use the escape key to return to normal mode.
For complete information on all Texas Instruments calculators that have ever been manufactured, the following web site created by Joerg Woerner is very interesting and informative:  www.datamath.org

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