Student Resources

I have added several hyperlinks here to make it easier for you (and me) to locate resources that are available on the NYIT website.
1.  Life Sciences Department - link to the NYIT Life Sciences Department web site; contains many helpful sub-pages

2.  NYIT Semester Maps - obtain detailed semester-by-semester recommendations for completing your NYIT degree.  All majors and options are available.  Click on the year in which you began attending NYIT.  For example, if you began in September 2014, click on 2014 on the line relating to your major and option to select the semester map for you.
3.  Advisor Resources - gives you links to a wide variety of useful information including some items that are listed above.

4.  Advising and Enrichment Center - provides many other useful hyperlinks for you

5.  NYIT Faculty and Staff Directory - obtain the phone number and office location of any faculty or staff member (or everyone in a given department or building)

6.  NYIT Quick Reference Directory - Editorial comment: this very helpful resource used to list NYIT's offices and departments, along with their locations and phone numbers.  It appeared for many years the NYIT website, but it was removed in 2016 when NYIT updated its website.  I hope that NYIT will put this valuable resource  it back on its website.
7.  NYIT Course Descriptions (Biology) - Read course descriptions of NYIT's undergraduate biology courses.
- Read course descriptions of NYIT's undergraduate chemistry courses.