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Exp't 1 - Acid-Base Titration Practice - Instructions and Data Sheet
You may download the .pdf file containing the instructions and report sheet for this experiment (taken from the CHEM 150L Laboratory Manual) by clicking on the down-arrow symbol near the right margin at the line at the bottom of this page.  You will need to purchase this lab manual from the NYIT Bookstore as soon as possible, and bring it with you to all laboratory class meetings beginning with the second week of the semester.

The rest of this web page is used by lab instructors to introduce experiments that you will be performing throughout the semester.  This material is incomplete, and I hope to add suitable additional YouTube videos as time permits.

Exp't 2 - Acid-Base Titration

Exp't 3 - Thermochemistry
Here is a very good introduction to coffee cup calorimeters and bomb calorimeters:

Coffee Cup Calorimeters and Bomb Calorimeters

Cold Packs (using ammonium nitrate) and Hot Packs (using supersaturated sodium acetate):

Hot and Cold Packs

Another chemical reaction used in many disposable hand warmers (exothermic reaction between iron powder and oxygen):

Introduction to Hand Warmers

Video showing one brand of a disposable hand warmer (exothermic reaction - oxidation of iron)

One brand of disposable hand warmer

Article from the American Chemical Society's publication "Chemical and Engineering News"  


Exp't 4 - Chemical Kinetics

Exp't 5 - Introduction to Spectrophotometry

Introduction to Spectrophotometers


Spectrophotometer and Visible Spectrum


Exp't 6 - Chemical Equilibria

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