Advisement and Registration with PeopleSoft

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This information was prepared in the Fall 2015 semester when NYIT was introducing the current PeopleSoft system for advisement and registration.  Some information below is no longer current and needs to be revised.

You will be using Oracle's 
PeopleSoft Student Information System (SIS) to register for your Spring 2016 courses.  Before starting this process, please click on the next link to access the Information for Students on the NYIT website. Study both NYIT's Guide to PeopleSoft Self-Service for Students and sheets explaining the new 
Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Training Guide for Students (that shows you what courses you still need to take to complete your degree requirements).

Two excellent videos that show you the basic things you need to know about the enrollment (registration) process appear on the NYIT "Information for Students" web page.  (Click on the hyperlink in the previous sentence to navigate to that page.)  Be sure to watch the two videos that show you how to: (1) search for classes using PeopleSoft and (2) enroll in classes using PeopleSoft.  These videos are very helpful and I highly recommend them to all students (and faculty).

Before you register for courses, you should download the correct semester map for your major/option (and for the academic year that you entered NYIT) by clicking on this hyperlink:  NYIT Semester Maps.  Print this semester map and mark it up to indicate in which semester you have taken each course shown (if applicable).  Also print your Academic Advisement Report that shows what courses you have already taken, are currently taking, and still need to take, to complete your degree requirements.
Then meet with your advisor and, using the semester map that shows the normal order in which the remaining courses should be taken, decide in what semester, and in what order, you will be enrolling in your courses.  Try to take courses in the order shown in the semester map as closely as possible, taking into account the semester (Fall or Spring) when that course is normally offered at your campus. 

 Meet with your advisor before the date of your Enrollment Appointment  
You should have been notified of the date of your Enrollment Appointment by NYIT via email.  You may also obtain this information by navigating to the Student Center on PeopleSoft and scrolling down the General tab (looking at the column at the right) to read the information:

Enrollment Appointment Date

You will be given a 24-hour window in which to enroll (register) for your classes.  Please click on "details" (see above) for complete information.

You should meet with your advisor at least several days before your scheduled Enrollment Appointment.  After your advisor approves your courses for the following semester, he or she will then release your registration hold to allow you to enroll in (register for) these courses on the date of your enrollment appointment.  If you cannot register on the scheduled date or you cannot finish the enrollment process on that date, simply call the Registrar's Office (516-686-7580) or visit them in person (in Schure Hall) and ask them to reschedule that date. 

 How to place course/section combinations into your Shopping Cart  
If you know some or all of the courses that you will likely take in the Spring 2016 semester, you may begin the course and section selection process even if you have not yet met with your advisor to have the registration hold released.  However, you will not be permitted to actually register for any of these courses until this registration hold is released by the advisor and you reach the date of your Enrollment Appointment.

Two good ways of placing specific courses and sections into your Shopping Cart are:  (1) using the approach shown in the NYIT video described above to choose your courses and sections, and (2) start by using the Schedule Planner first.
 1. USING THE SCHEDULE PLANNER FIRST.   This excellent tool allows you to view all possible schedules that exist with your selection of courses.  To access it, click on the blue Schedule Planner hyperlink that appears in the lower left hand portion of the screen after you log onto the PeopleSoft Student Center.  (First select NYITConnect and then click on the PEOPLESOFT heading on the right-hand column.) 
To have the Schedule Planner generate possible course schedules for you, enter these courses one at a time by clicking on "Add Course" button.  First choose the department, then choose the course number, and click on "Add Course" to return to the previous screen.  Repeat this process until all of your chosen courses have been selected.    After the program generates all possible schedules, if you want to, you may choose to move a specific course schedule to your Shopping Cart by simply clicking on the box near the top center that is marked "Send Schedule to Quick Enroll."  Be sure to block out times that you do not want to attend class (such as possibly evenings or Fridays) using locks (described in the Intermediate video described below) to avoid the need for you to view too many undesirable schedules.

To see view three excellent Help Videos, click on "Help Videos" in the box at the upper right-hand corner of the Schedule Planner header that you will see (pictured below).  Three videos are available:  Beginner (Schedule Planner Basics), Intermediate (Using Locks to Narrow Down Schedules), and Advanced (Using Custom Course Options).

The Schedule Planner is an excellent method of selecting specific sections of your courses, but be aware that hundreds of possible combinations of sections might be generated, and you will need to determine which of these selections do and do not meet your scheduling needs.  Be sure to create "locks" (video #2) to block out undesirable dates and times.



 2.  ACCESSING THE SHOPPING CART DIRECTLY.   Regardless of whether or not you have used the Schedule Planneryou may always go to your Shopping Cart directly by choosing either   Plan > Shopping Cart  or   Enroll > Add  in the Student Center.  Simply follow the instructions to enroll in the courses you would like to register in.


If you have already used the Schedule Planner, look at the possible schedules that have been generated, and decide on the schedule that you want to enroll (register) in.  Click on "View" to see details regarding a particular schedule, and be sure to scroll down to see the complete schedule grid filled in for you.  If and when you have chosen the schedule that you want to enroll in, scroll to the top of that schedule and click the box at the top marked Send Schedule to Quick Enroll.  Then, you will be able to continue the enrollment process:  on the day of your Enrollment Appointment, click on " Enroll " to view the courses and sections that you added to your Shopping Cart.  Then follow the on-screen instructions (click on the green box marked  PROCEED TO STEP 2 OF 3 ) to actually enroll in (register for) those classes.

Please note that the process of placing courses and sections into your Shopping Cart does not guarantee that there will actually be seats available in these sections if you actually register for those courses later.  If you wait too long, a section may be closed even if you were previously able to add that course and section to your Shopping Cart.

1.  Prerequisites and corequisites for many BIOL and CHEM courses were simplified last year to make it easier for students to register for those courses.  Be sure to download and use only the latest NYIT semester maps that are available by clicking here:  NYIT Semester Maps.
2.  Lab sections are numbered slightly differently with PeopleSoft.  With the old Datatel system, a General Chemistry I (CHEM 110) laboratoryclass might have been designated CHEM-110L-W03.  ("L" means "laboratory.")  With PeopleSoft, the same lab section would be designated CHEM-110-W03L instead.  (The "L" now appears after the section number, not after the course number.)  If a given course has both lecture and lab sections, be sure to register for both sections.
3.  Many colleges provide very detailed information to their faculty and students about PeopleSoft topics.  For example, much useful detailed information about the Shopping Cart (and many other PeopleSoft topics) prepared by Long Beach City College (LBCC) may be viewed if you simply click on:  LBCC Shopping Cart Instructions.  Although various aspects of NYIT's implementation of PeopleSoft differs from LBCC, you will learn much about PeopleSoft by reading documentation that has been prepared by other colleges (which have used PeopleSoft for years and have had the time to write such detailed instructions).

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  To the best of my knowledge and belief, the information that appears on this page is correct, but I cannot be held responsible for any errors or omissions.  Please send all suggestions for additions, corrections, etc. to me at  Thank you!