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Welcome to my home page!  On this site, you will find information that relates to my CHEM 110 (Gen. Chem. I), CHEM 150 (Gen. Chem. II), and CHEM 310 (Quantitative Analysis) courses at NYIT.  You will find a ten-year collection of my General Chemistry exams (along with answers), YouTube videos covering many topics that are discussed in my chemistry lectures and chemistry labs, a complete set of all lecture handouts that I use in General Chemistry, and 
many other helpful items and information.
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Dr. John C. Ringen  -  Associate Professor of Chemistry  -  Life Sciences Department
New York Institute 
of Technology (Old Westbury Campus)

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Many students find chemistry quite difficult at times.  Fortunately, if you need help understanding chemistry, a very large number of excellent websites exist that feature lecturers who are very knowledgeable, who have excellent teaching skills, and who can significantly help you master difficult topics.  If you did not completely understand what the lecturer on the video stated the first time, just move the video control back a little so that you will hear the same explanation again.  Everything is completely free!  I recommend that you try each of several highly-regarded chemistry websites to see which one(s) fit your needs best.  To navigate to that Tutorial Video page, simply click on the following hyperlink:  CHEMISTRY TUTORIAL RESOURCES (or click on the same yellow-colored rectangle at the top of each page on this site.

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