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Welcome to EWG Junior High X-Country 2013

Coach: Marc Hamlin 401-269-1948 (cell)

Updated 10/26/13

Thank you all for a great season, but we're not done yet! Please get the word out- Bring your freshly-laundered team jersey to the pizza party. We're going to sign each others' jerseys! It'll be a great way to remember the team, especially for our eighth-graders, who will be moving up to the high school.
  • Monday: Pizza party immediately after school. Meet one last time at the Big Rock (around 1:45-2:00) and I'll escort team down to S-210. We'll have pizza and refreshments and go over the season results.

Practice Schedule:
 MondayTuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday
 2-3:30 2:30-4:00  2-3:30 2:30-4:00  2-3:30


Parents: Please note that due to contractual changes, practice had to be pushed back on Tuesdays and Thursdays to accommodate Common Planning Time (State mandated) and after school help for my students.  All practices take place at Metcalf School.  All pick-ups are at Metcalf, even on days when we have meets (so that there is no confusion).  

What you need to do on each day of practice:
1) Go to the locker room immediately after school and get changed.
2) Meet us outside at "the big rock" near the front entrance of the school. You'll see a bunch of your teammates there. Join us!
3) I'll take attendance and get us going. 

Equipment needed (all athletes):

1) Shorts or sweatpants
2) Grungy t-shirt/ sweatshirt/rain jacket
3) Running shoes.

Of all of these, the running shoes are the most mission-critical.  Look for running shoes that have wide, waffle-like treads on the bottom.  Road-running shoes (Nike makes some that have "shock-absorbers" on the heel) are really BAD for cross-country and can actually cause injuries (athletes get those "shocks" snagged on roots and rocks and end up with sprains, stress fractures, or breaks).  Nike actually makes some very good "trail running" shoes that are usually on sale at Bob's Store for much less than you'd pay elsewhere.  The trail running shoes are designed with strong arch support so that rocks and roots don't mangle the young tenderfoot.  Please see the article in the sidebar concerning the selection of running shoes for XC runners.

Medical concerns:

1) Epi-pens or inhalers: If your child has an inhaler or may require an epi-pen injection in the event of an allergic reaction, please let me know.  I ask parents to provide a backup inhaler or epi-pen for our med kit.  Tape your child's name to it.  Heaven forbid, but if we need intervention it will be there.  Student athletes often forget inhalers and epi-pens in lockers, bookbags, and other "black holes"...  At the end of the season, I will return all unused medical items to parents.

Stretching/InjuriesWhen an athlete complains of an injury, I cannot in good conscience (and also due to legal liability) allow an athlete who tells me s/he is injured to participate in a practice or a meet.  I tell athletes that if they cannot run during practice due to an injury, don't run.  I cannot tell if an athlete is in pain or not, and can only rely on self-report.  If an injury is such that an athlete cannot run for most of the week, I strongly suggest seeing a doctor.  At no time will I pressure an athlete to run when s/he reports pain.  It's counterproductive, and not what we're here for- to have fun and learn about a great sport.

To prevent injuries, our school committee has hired a professional fitness trainer and has trained all EWG coaches in new stretching/core fitness techniques. We already use several of these strategies, but the thing that must be stressed is that kids cannot leave practice AND MEETS without stretching. It's for our kids' protection.

-Coach Hamlin

End of season:

We always have a pizza party at the end of the season.  Each kid brings $5 and there's plenty of pizza and juice to go around.  Also, during the season, kids often like to get sweatshirts with the team and their name embroidered on them.  In the past, parents have stepped up to help organize and get printing done.  If we have any volunteers, you're certainly welcome to jump right in.  Your support is always very much appreciated!

PARENTS:  If you click on the meet dates, you will see more information, meet times and you can even map the route to the meet venue!