Health 101


Getting to the bottom of the Sugar Bowl

Welcome to the Health Wise 101. 

This site is the landing page to a much larger website.

This semester we will be exploring the effects of carbohydrates (sugar) on the human body, as well as other health related topics.   Health Wise 101 is a six week course.  

Please log into the Canvas Instructure website with the password and ID that you will receive in your e-mail.  

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On this site you will have access to the course syllabus, course links, the course calendar showing assignments and their due dates, and a site survey which is required for everyone.  

Lets Get Started

To begin

1.  You should read the syllabus thoroughly.  

2.  Fill out the health survey on this site 

Health 101  is an accumulation of three entire working websites

3.   The first site is the landing page for Health 101

4.   The second site  will ultimately be the MAIN course site, and will house all the necessary instructions, quizzes,          discussions, and grading components similar to a real Canvas site.   The Canvas Instructure website:                 

5.  The third site is the blog that was developed for the Health Wise 101 course.  Many of the quiz questions will come      from the blog as well as the required readings.  Know where to find the accompanying blog SUGAR is located                at:

6.  When you get lost... "Just Google It

                                                          Course Objectives

        • Identify what carbohydrates are, and what role they play in balancing nutrition
        • Recognize common food labels and identify the percentages associated with them
        • Recognize  food guide pyramid and the dietary supplement pyramid
        • Recognize belief vs. science when dealing with health claims   
        • Identify  what a   healthy nutritional base line is
        • Students will be introduced to the Glycemic Index 
        • Where to look for exercise and supplements

Motivation Since you will be learning a little about each other's health concerns, you should strive to motivate each other to develop plans that will bring lasting changes to the way each of you looks at health and fitness.  Working together in a collaborate effort is highly encouraged!