Chromando Training: Chrome Extensions & Applications

Chrome Extensions I Use:
  • TabScissors - Splits the browser window into 2 equal parts, placing a tab in each window
  • TabGlue - Combines all Chrome windows into one
  • Window Resizer - Resizes browser window quickly to common sizes
  • SnagIt - (extension and application) capture your screen and annotate it, now with desktop recording
  • AdBlock Plus - Block all ads on a webpage
  • Clear History - Useful when on multiple public devices
  • Google Voice Search Hotword - use your microphone, say "Ok Google", and say your search
  • Google Quick Scroll - Highlights search string on a website you visit
  • Extensity (c/o @rushtheiceberg) - Quickly turn on/extensions without leaving your window
  • Auto Text Expander - create hot keystrokes for any text word combination; works anywhere you see the logo
  • Clipboard History - saves your copied texts for later use 
  • Ghostery - Tracks who's tracking you 
  • Read&Write - Make the web and Google Docs accessible to students with learning difficulties, dyslexia or ELL/ESL. Click this link for more a quick video tutorial:
  • Save to Google Drive - Sends documents opened on a browser or webpages to Google Drive
  • ScreenLeap - (in Gmail or Stand Alone) share your screen via gmail
  • TabCloud - Save/Restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers
  • Tabman Tabs Manager - Quickly navigate through all of your tabs without leaving your window
  • ChromeSpeak - select a text and have it read to you (got this from Amy Mayer!)
  • Evernote Web Clipper - Never forget anything
  • Awesome Screenshot - Capture and Annotate screencaptures, perfect for Chromebooks
  • URL Shortener - Quick, easy, and works! Makes QR codes too.
  • PicMonkey - Simple and free photo editor with collage, touch up, effects and many more
  • Sexy Undo Close Tab - Never lose a tab, even in incognito (or CTRL+SHIFT+T / Cmd+SHIFT+T)
  • Google Hangouts - chat and hangout quickly with those logged into Google+
  • - create shortened urls and customize for your audience
  • Turn off the lights - Fades everything around a YouTube video to dark
  • Whitelist - Customize which websites a user can visit
  • DF YouTube (Distraction Free) - removes unwanted items/areas on YT interface
  • One Click Timer - just like it says; analog version - you can also just yell out "OK Google... timer X minutes"
  • Last Pass - remembers your usernames and passwords to all sites you have to log into
  • Momentum - my new favorite tab page; it will be your favorite too
  • Padlet Mini - add a web page quickly to any padlet wall, or start a new one
  • Shareaholic - quickly share any url on social media; hotkeys for sharing
  • ColorPick Eyedropper - returns the hexadecimal values for any pixel on your screen
  • CraftyText - display large text on screen

Omnibox Extensions:

Chrome Applications I Use:
  • WeVideo - Create video projects and collaborate with others right within Google Drive
  • Soundtrap - Create music collaboratively online
  • Gliffy - Create diagrams quickly (limited)
  • Daum Equation Editor - create math equations/formulas easily as images or in LaTex
  • Scratchpad - Quick and easy notetaking app that saves to Google Drive
  • Google Art Project - View the world's greatest art pieces in high resolution and from your computer
  • TweetDeck - Hands down the best way to view conversations on twitter
  • Padlet - Virtual bulletin board to curate media
  • - Virtual Bulletin Board for visual collaboration (like Padlet on Steroids)
  • Kaizena - leave voice comments on Google Docs for feedback
  • Kindle Cloud Reader - Access your Kindle books on your browser
  • QR Code Generator - Quick QR code generator to download or insert via url
  • Presentation Remote (deMobo App and Extension) - Control any presentation with your mobile
  • - Synchronized note taking as you watch videos
  • Snagit - screencapture application from Techsmith
  • LucidPress - create professional newsletters, publications digitally
  • PicMonkey - complete photo editor with collages, filters, effects, frames, and more
  • Trello - collaboration tool that organizes your task lists into boards
  • Spanning Stats (Drive) - Google Drive analytics
  • Symbaloo - organize your bookmarks into visual tiles
  • Color Sphere - find the hexadecimal values for any color
  • Cloud Convert - convert anything into anything
  • Soundtrap - make music online; record, edit, vocals, and collaborate
  • Canva - design graphics easily with this tool
  • Google Tips - tons of helpful stuff
  • Flat - online collaborative music composition tool

Other fantastic extensions and apps I haven't even played with yet:

Chrome Tweaks and Tips:
  • Speaker shows up on tab playing audio
  • Press tab while on Omnibar to do quick searches on certain websites
  • Switch back to Chrome's old "NEW TAB" page with this tweak
  • Customize NEW TAB page with OneFeed to view all social media feeds
  • Customize NEW TAB page with Currently to display current time and weather
  • For full customization of the NEW TAB page try Speed Dial 2 extenstion
  • Right click to Pin a Tab; it will open up automatically when you restart Chrome
  • Cmmd+Shift+N (mac) or Ctrl+Shift+N (pc): open an incognito window to view
  • Create Bookmark Buttons at the top for sites w/ avatars (demo) 

Amy Mayer's Fantastic EdTech site:

Here's a list of what she uses:

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