JRES PTO Meeting Minutes

February 14, 2012



I.               Attendance: see attached attendance sheet


II.              Odyssey of the Mind


A.    Jenny Zachry, Katy Duan and Jen Dvoranchik who volunteer with Odyssey of the Mind at Trailside Elementary presented the creative problem-solving educational program.

B.    See the attached handout describing the program.

C.   The teams meet once per week for 1- 1 ½ hours for spontaneous competitions of creative problem solving.

D.   The national organization charges $135.00 to join and receive the curriculum. The state organization charges $20.00 per student. Other costs include supplies for building or creating each week- much of these supplies can be donated as well.

E.    There are parents of children that are involved with the Trailside program who also have children attending JRES that may be willing to help run this.

F.    Several of the PTO members expressed great interest in this program. Due to a lack of time, the PTO will discuss the possibility of starting this program at a future meeting.


III.            News from Mr. Kuennen


A.    Mr. Kuennen expressed a good opinion of starting The Odyssey of the Mind at JRES.

B.    Mr. Kuennen described JRES Reading Intervention Program and how Dibels is used as a screening tool. He tracks each child that moves up to target goal and/or down below target. Those below target get placed in intensive reading intervention. Response To Intervention Meetings are held to determine if effective.

C.   He described the progress of the French Immersion program to start in the fall and answered any questions.  40-50 first grade children will be starting the program in the fall.


IV.            Park City Education Foundation


A.    Beat the Call pizza party competition was completed on Friday, February 9th. Beat the Call raised approximately $32,000.00 this year which is significantly greater than last year.

B.    The Phon-A-Thon is scheduled for 2-15-12. JRES currently has 12 parents scheduled to volunteer call which means that the school is on track to earn 10% of the proceeds from that night.

C.   The PTO has budgeted to sponsor a team for Running With Ed. PTO will encourage those who cannot run to participate in the walk on May 19, 2012.


V.             Grant Committee


A.    See the attached Grant Committee Grant Requests Sheet

B.    PTO approved request #1 for $250.00, but will also send out an email to parents asking for donations of the stuffed animals.

C.   Grant request #2 was approved.

D.   Grant requests #3 and 4 were approved with allowance that Scholastic points will be used first to obtain these if possible, if not PTO will fund them.

E.    Request # 5 was denied in that Mr. Kuennen said he will use donations to fund this.

F.    Request # 6 was approved, but with the recommendation that the teacher attempt to purchase used games at Deseret Industries or other thrift stores. The PTO will also send out an email requesting parent donations of these games. Then the PTO will fund the remainder needed to purchase new games.


VI.            After School Music Programs


A.    Ukuleles: It was determined that an after school ukulele program will not be funded by the PTO because of the small number of JRES students that it would impact. However, Janet White might be willing to offer an after school ukulele class. She will investigate the costs and how many students would need to sign up to make it viable. Mr. Kuennen will investigate the possibility of this class using District owned ukuleles that are not currently in use.

B.    Violin: The PTO will obtain and send out a survey that Jenny Zachry used at Trailside to determine if there is interest in an after school violin program at JRES. Trailside Elementary has an excellent teacher and program currently running that has the approval of the Ecker Hill music program. Students pay $22-25.00 per month for violin rental.


VII.          Wireless Tablets


A.    Portable, Wireless Tablets (ie. Smart Slates) have been discussed in the past. The school currently has 12 IPADs available that are not being utilized much by the teachers because they are not wireless and hence not mobile.

B.    Karla Luna has also been looking into options of wireless tablets that could be trialed by teachers that have volunteered.

C.   The district has found a “patch” that will allow the IPAD to interact with the computer, and thereby the projector, essentially making it wireless and portable during use.

D.   Each “patch” would cost approximately $200.00.

E.    The District had ordered one “patch” for trial. Mr. Kuennen plans to trial this over the next month. If the trial goes well, the PTO will fund the purchase of more patches as the budget allows.

F.    The District is offering an IPAD for each teacher that attends the Core Accademy Training coming up. This could possibly increase the number of IPADs enough to allow an IPAD for use in each classroom.


VIII.         Travel Clean Fundraiser


A.    PTO will run a fundraiser with Travel Clean Car Wash during the month of May.

B.    Car wash cards of $25.00 will be sold by students and families with 50% of the profit being donated to JRES.

C.   Flyers will be sent out with order forms. The cards will then be delivered to the classrooms for the students to take home. Parent volunteers will be used to process the orders.

D.   The flyer will state what this fundraiser money will fund- IPAD patches and Odyssey of the Mind, etc.

E.    Janet White will follow up on this project.



IX.            Science Room


A.            Mr. Kuennen will be submitting a grant request to PCEF by tomorrow, 2-15-12, for funding of a part time science specialist for next year.


X.             Recycling Program


A.    Currently Laurie Jorgenson is collecting the recycling from the classrooms each week and removing to the dumpsters. The PTO needs to look at this at a future meeting to see how this can be improved.

B.    Increasing recycling in the cafeteria will have to wait until after the cafeteria near the exit doors can be reconfigured with new bins that will not block easy exit thereby avoiding a fire hazard. This will not likely occur until June.


XI.            Teacher Appreciation


A.            March 19-23, 2012

B.            Karla and Kendeyl will run teacher appreciation week similar to last year.

C.            They will offer mini massages like last year and have a spa theme. Lunches will be provided rather than breakfast.

D.            They will need help from the PTO to get businesses to donate.

E.            There is a $1500.00 budget.


XII.          Humanitarian Effort


A.            The humanitarian effort will be run the same as last year with grades competing to collect the most money for their chosen charities.

B.            This is tentatively planned for a week in April. Chip Cook needs to be contacted about the date of Jump Rope for Heart so they don’t conflict.