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Joshua is currently an engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, he has worked extensively on grid and web technologies and has a diverse bag of technical skills as a programmer, administrator, and solutions architect.  Including Windows technologies C#, Powershell, WiX, SQLServer, IIS.  Also expertise in Amazon Web Services (EC2, SQS, SimpleDB, S3, Auto-scaling, VPC), and technologies like KVM and MongoDB.  He has extensive knowledge of Linux, as well as the python, C, C++ and java.  He is also an expert BASH scripter, and knows how to use perl and javascript.

Computer Systems Engineer III

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Turbine Science Gateway (TSG)

TSG is a web application and execution environment for running and managing scientific applications and storing and archiving resultsIt’s part of an integration framework, developed to support application scientists in the Carbon Capture Simulation Initiative (CCSI), a partnership among DOE laboratories, industry and academic institutions.  The project aims to provide the Utilities industry with advanced tools to further leverage computational modeling and simulation tools to accelerate the use of carbon capture technologies from discovery to development, and ultimately widespread deployment to hundreds of power plants.   The DOE has the goal of widespread deployment of carbon capture and storage in 8-10 years. 

NERSC Science Gateways


Brings High Performance Computing (HPC) to the web through easy to write web applications.  NEWT is a web service that allows you to access computing resources at NERSC through a simple RESTful API. The NEWT API and web service will let you interact with NERSC through simple HTTP urls and commands.

Past Projects

Globus Online is a hosted (SaaS) high-performance, reliable, secure data movement service.
An extension to the Introduce framework, with this extension legacy applications can be quickly wrapped and deployed as globus compliant grid services.

A python SOAP/WSDL web services toolkit

A python Web Service Resource Framework toolkit, included in globus-4.0.* releases 



  • RESTful Web Services for Scientific Computing, J. Boverhof and S. Cholia, OSCON, July, 2011, PPT

  • NEWT: A RESTful Service to Build Web Applications for High Performance Computing, S. Cholia, D. Skinner, and J. Boverhof, Proceedings of the 2010 OGCE Workshop, New Orleans LA, November, 2010. PDF
  • Wrap Scientific Applications as WSRF Grid Services using gRAVI, Chard, K.; Boverhof, J.; Tan, W.; Madduri, R.; Foster, I.; to appear in Proceedings of the International Conference on Web Services, Los Angeles, CA, July 2009. PDF

  • Enabling petascale science: data management, troubleshooting,
    and scalable science services, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Volume 125, 2008. (Also appeared in Proceedings of SciDAC 2008 Conference, 13-17 July, 2008, Seattle, Washington, USA.) [pdf]
  • Service Oriented Science Tutorial (open source grid cluster conference 2008)
  • Python-WS Core (GlobusWorld 2006) [ppt]
  • State and Events for Web Services: A Comparison of Five WS-Resource Framework and WS-Notification implementations (HPDC 14, 2005) [pdf]
  • Python Web/Grid Services (OReily Open Source Convention 2004) [ppt]

Joshua Boverhof,
Jan 14, 2009, 11:44 AM
Joshua Boverhof,
Jan 14, 2009, 11:44 AM