Library Checkouts

Library Books

Classes visit the library three times during the school's 12 rotating schedule. Kindergarten students are allowed to checkout one book at a time.  First through fourth graders may check two books at a time. These books may be kept for a loan period of one week and may be renewed for an additional week.  All library materials must be returned two weeks prior to the end of the school year. 


The Baker Library subscribes to a variety of child's magazines. Magazines may be checked out to students like library books. 

Educational Board Games

The Baker Library has a collection of reading and math board games for students on every grade (Pre-K thru 4th & above). With a parent's permission, students may check out a game to play at home. One game may be checked out in additional to the student's two library books. Parents are also welcome to come in and check out these resources.

Library Fines and Overdue Materials

Overdue slips and fine notices will be printed and distributed to students at school. To help students learn to be responsible, no new loans will be permitted until overdue materials are returned. 

Lost and Damaged Books

If a book is lost or damaged, the book must be paid for before additional books/resources can be checked out. Debts remaining at the end of the school year will be turned in to the office, and may result in the student's report card being held. Any items checked out at the time a students withdrawals from Baker must be returned or paid for upon withdrawing. 

Gifts and Donations

The library is always excited to receive new books. Due to library books high usage, donated books must be hard back and in good condition. Materials that are presented as gifts or donations to the school library must meet the same standards as those materials purchased. Any donated items that the library can not use will be donated to classrooms.