feathers and needles                                                                                                                        archive home

A mixture of white goose down and 1,000 sewing needles falls slowly and continuously from a sewn black rubber sphere hung at ceiling height. 
butyl rubber, goose down, 1000 sewing needles, metal wire, straps, bungee cords, hardware,1 rpm electric motor
12 x 6 x 6 feet, 2002                                                                            

1.  feathers and needles, installation view





detail: suspended ball, feathers and needles 


2. plan
goose down, black carpet thread
28 x 44 diameter, 2002


3.  rewrite
goose down, metal filings, magnets, 1/16 plate steel, steel rings, found slant top table
24 x 38, 2002

feathers and needles, overview
dimensions variable