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$100.00 Will Terminate Your Debt and Double Your Income

With the

World Wide Loan Club (WWLC)






This is such a simple system to follow.

So many internet opportunities are so complex.

There is nothing difficult to understand about this.

Just pay a one time processing fee, and help 2 others to do the same!

World Wide Loan Club has made is possible for EVERYONE to

succeed and make financial stress into financial success.



How it works

.One Time Deposit of $100.00.



You start getting paid the next month.

The first payment is $50.

This doubles each month until you get to the 6th month, when you will receive $1600.

However, after that, the income increases by 5% each month. A 5% increase each month soon works up into an substantial income as time progresses. There is a Progression Chart on the site which gives you a break-down over a 3 year period.


You can earn at a much higher level if you wish. All you have to do is to purchase another $100 position, and you can have as many positions as you desire by following the same process.
For Example:
5 positions gives you an income of $8000, and this will then increase by 5% every month.

      Please take the opportunity of visiting our home site or become a part of our club of people helping people at (WWLC)







This program has been planned to address the subject of tax. As the payments are set up as loans, it is not classified in law as an income, but as a "loan". This is a great benefit for members, as it substantially increases the income.

As it is a loan, it is necessary to pay a small percentage of the payment back each month as interest, so that it falls within the definition of a loan. You have up to 30 days' after you have received the monthly payment to pay the interest payment. The great thing is that you do not pay the interest until after you have received the loan!

Please do not be put off by the term "loan" as that is only for the benefit of members and the situation of tax. You are not expected to pay back these "loans", unless you request not to receive any more, which would be most unlikely. This matter is dealt with under the Questions and Answers on the site.


Your Qualifications for Acceptance

1.  You Do Not Need Good Credit-Bad Credit Accepted

2.  Employment is not Considered--Unemployed or Laid Off still        qualifies.

3.  Bankruptcy and Foreclosures are Not considered for qualification

4.  Debt to Income Ratio is NOT considered

5.  Overdue bills and collections are NOT considered

6.  You Do Need to Pay your $100.00 one time payment

7.  You DO need toHelp 2 other people get aquainted with the program

8.  You DO need the desire and dedication to improve your financial future



What you Need to Receive your Payments

The amazing thing is that you do not need to promote this program and obtain lots of referrals in order to qualify for your monthly payments.

All you need to do to qualify is to join, and then show 2 other people to do the same. Then you qualify for the loan payments each and every month.

Most people are able to achieve this simple requirement, and with the reassurance that they are helping other people.

I have had it confirmed by the Admin that they will accept memberships from several people in the same house-hold, as long as it is quite clear that they are real people.

After reviewing our web site and making the decision to join you must contact Ellie or Glenda for the appropriate referral id #.  The Id's fill up fast and without the appropriate number we can not guarantee your success!  When you receive the appropriate ID from Glenda or Ellie YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO QUALIFY AND BEGIN RECEIVING YOUR FUNDS


                             I HAVE BEEN PAID!                    

I have been away on 2 weeks' vacation, and in my absence, I obtained a paid referral, which qualified me for my first payment. My first payment was paid into my STP account immediately that day!

The system works like clockwork!

They have activated payment of the one time fee by credit card or debit card TODAY Tuesday, 24 June 2008.

This has been in the works for some time, and, true to their word, it is now an option for payment.

The other option is Solid Pay Trust, which is a reliable payment processor, and part of the Virtual Money Card Company. You will need a Solid Pay Trust account, as your payments will be paid to there.


If you do not already have a Solid Pay Trust Account, you may open one HERE 


Weekly telephone conference calls  

There are weekly telephone conference calls each week, on a Tuesday and Thursday evening at 9.30 EST.

You are able to ask any questions you may have there.

The telephone number is:-

218 936 7999
PIN 412502

There are pre-recorded calls which can be heard anytime at your convenience:

218 936 7903
PIN 717200

A Break-Down of Income


There are details of the income you will achieve on the Progression Chart on the site or you can find the detailed progression chart


It is important to remember that the figures given are for one position only, and you can own as many positions as you desire.

At first, the income is not much, but you can see how it can increase in a little time.

The first month, you get $50, and that continues to double for the first 6 months'. So this means that at month 2 you get $100, at month 3, $200, at month 4, $400, at month 5, $800, and at month 6, $1600.

However, after the 6th month, you get this amount increased by 5% each and every month. Now this is very powerful. The Progression Chart shows you that after 12 months' you get $2144.00. At the end of 3 years' you get $6913.00 each month.

Remember that this is for one position. So if you had 5 positions you would be getting $34,565 per month. All from a qualification payment of $500!!
(If you purchased 5 positions).

As the payments are classified as loans you will not pay tax on this income. However, in order to qualify as a loan payment you do have to pay the loan interest payment, but only after receiving your loan. Furthermore, it is guaranteed that the interest amount always works out at a figure less than the loan received.

If you look down column 2 of the Progression Chart, you will see the corresponding payments that have to be paid by the member within 30 days' of receiving the loan payment.


Email me for help and/or your referral success ID#

If you need any help or have any questions regarding (WWLC) World Wide Loan Club please feel free to email either of us via email:


           or call



WE want to help people by introducing this program, so please feel free to contact us. 


Glenda and Ellie                                                              

World Wide Loan Club (WWLC)