Having taught at both liberal arts colleges and large state universities, my classes have ranged from small seminars (a handful of students) to large 300-person lectures. Many of the courses listed as "Introductory" have been designed for smallish classrooms (25-35 students) and for larger audiences.

My advanced courses tend towards being interdisciplinary. Regardless of the level of a course, I aim for inclusive and diverse reading lists by including authors who are feminists and people of color. For instance, my Introduction to Philosophy examines canonical Western philosophical texts alongside feminist and early Chinese philosophers—we explore the good life as conceived by Plato, Mengzi, and Care Ethicists (Virginia Held); the epistemology of Descartes, Zhuangzi, and Genevieve Llyod's critique of reason; and absurdity and the meaning of life through Nagel, the Buddhist doctrine of no-self, and Susan Wolf.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss my syllabi and reading lists, class activities, or, if we teach similar classes, ways to make your course more inclusive and diverse.

Advanced Courses
Biomedical Ethics                         (UCR 2011)
Classical Chinese Philosophy*     (Denison 2016; Scripps 2015, 2014)
Environmental Ethics*                  (IUP 2016; UCR 2012)
History of Analytic Philosophy      (Scripps 2015)
Philosophy of Sex and Love         (CSUF 2012, 2013)
Philosophy of Race & Gender*     (UCR 2012, 2011)
Political Speech & Hate Speech*  (IUP 2017; Scripps 2015, 2014; UCR 2013)
Theories of Knowledge                  (Denison 2015, Scripps 2014)

Introductory Courses
Asian Philosophy                           (CSUF 2012, 2011)
Business Ethics                             (CSUF 2013)
Composition: Rhetoric                   (UCR 2011)
Composition: Argumentation         (UCR 2012, 2011)
Contemporary Moral Issues          (IUP 2017, 2016; CSUSB 2013)
Critical Thinking                             (CSUSB 2013; UCR 2010, 2011)
Introduction to Philosophy             (Denison 2016, 2015; CSUSB 2013, UCR 2013)
Knowledge & Reality                     (CSUSB 2014)
Propositional Logic
                       (Scripps 2014)
Social and Political Philosophy     (Denison 2016)

"*" denotes a cross-listed course