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Missing persons - Messages for disrupted phone numbers - Quake and tsunami information - Radiation information - Cell phone message boards - Government support resource information - Trains/Buses - Power utilities - English news on Japan - Local English news - Other resource sites

Missing Persons/ Registrations

Register to let your family and friends know you are OK, or use them
to find missing friends or relatives in the affected areas.

Google Crisis Response Person finder, shelter map, news.
Google Person Finder (English)
Google Person Findier (Japanese)
Red Cross Family Links
Photos of survivor lists (Japanese)

For information in Japanese about missing persons:
Miyagi Prefecture: 022-221-2000
Iwate Prefecture: 0120-801-471
Fukushima Prefecture: 0120-510-186 090-8424-4207 090-8424-4208

Messages for disrupted phone numbers

171 + 1 + line phone number to leave a message
171 + 2 + line phone number to listen to the message

Quake and Tsunami information

Radiation information

Cell Phone Message Boards

Government Support Resource Information

Trains, buses (Japanese, translated via Google)

Power/ Utilities (Japanese, translated via Google)

English News On Japan

Local English News In Japan

Other resource sites

Save Japan project: twitter feeds aggregation by region/language
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