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Pebbles, Sand and Silt -
Rocks and Minerals
            How Sandpaper is Made
Team Projects
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Honey Bee Life Cycle

New Plants
Mystery Science - 

Wood and Paper

    Bristle Bots 
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More Sites...

Extreme Science
What is the largest ocean carnivore? How big is the world’s largest tarantula? Just how cold does the Antarctic actually get? Learn all about the extreme animals and places around the world.

Earthquakes for Kids
The U.S. Geological Survey website provides students with information about earthquakes. They can learn about the latest quakes, watch animations, get ideas for science fairs or play earthquake-related puzzles and games.

Water Cycle Diagram – Earthguide
The interactive Earthguide Water Cycle Diagram provides a visual representation of the different parts of the water cycle, including precipitation, runoff, infiltration, evaporation, evapotranspiration, freezing and more.

Plate Tectonics Animations
The University of California Berkeley’s plate tectonics animations demonstrate how the plates work, and the site includes information on the theories behind the motion, as information on the history of plate tectonics and animations of how plate tectonics shaped the world in the past!

The ultimate resource for breathtaking photos and videos of the world’s endangered species. Each entry also includes a description of the species (or region) and information about its range, habitat, biology, threats, conservation and more.

Animal Planet
Watch preview videos for some of Animal Planet’s renowned programming on the Earth’s natural resources, wildlife and more.

Infrared Zoo Gallery
Use the Infrared Zoo Gallery to “see” the difference between warm-blooded and cold-blooded animals. It also allows you to study how well feathers, fur and blubber insulate different animals. Very cool!

National Aquarium
Take a 360-degree tour of the National Aquarium, located in Baltimore. The official website has tons of resources on the marine animals that are showcased in their habitats.

Use eNature’s Endangered and Threatened Species search engine to enter your zip code and learn about highly-threatened animals near you. There are also animal-related games, quizzes and other freebies available.

Learn about endangered and already-extinct species from around the world at Bagheera. Classroom activities and resources are also available for additional learning opportunities.

Life of Birds
The website version of PBS' Life of Birds is a great resource for learning about Earth’s most adaptable creatures.

An interactive guide to all systems of the human body including the digestive system, immune system, muscular system, respiratory system, skeletal system and more.

Planet Size Comparison
This super-cool website lets you pick two planets in our solar system and visually compare them. It’s great for a unit on space!

The official website of the Exploratorium, the museum of science, art and human perception in San Francisco. It includes materials and activities for a variety of subjects,  from astronomy and space to the human body.

Rainforest Heroes
Learn about the rainforest and what students can do to help protect it. Rainforest Heroes also has a section for teaching ideas that include creative writing, spelling, reading, science, math and more, all relating to the topic of the rainforest or rainforest conservation.

Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
A trove of free science resources from the U.S. Department of Education. Find high-quality materials for the Applied Sciences, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Space Sciences and more.

Give your students a different view of the world, literally! B-EYE shows your students what the world looks like through the eyes of a bee. You can zoom in and out to truly experience the effect of compound eyes on one's vision.

Coral Reef PhotoBank
Coral Reef Alliance’s photobank is a great resource if you’re doing a unit or center on marine ecosystems like coral reefs.

The Dino Directory
View 3D models of five well-known dinosaurs, and learni about the origins of their names, how large they were, what they ate and when and where they lived.
eSpecies Fact Sheets
Electronic fact sheets, including photos, protection status, and info on how students can help, for over 50 endangered species.

Steve Spangler Science Experiments
A searchable directory of easy and fun science experiments and science fair ideas.

Switcheroo Zoo
Let your students create their own animals by assembling different animal parts. Have them imagine a habitat for their new animal, describe how it survives, what it eats and its relationship with other animals.

The Magic School Bus Games
Play eight interactive science-based games including Monster Bugs, The Great Habitat Match, Space Chase, and more! There are also quizzes and printable coloring pages, as well as science experiments students can do in the classroom or at home.

Lawrence Hall of Science Kids
LHS Kids ("Welcome to Twenty Four Seven Science!") is home to interactive whiteboard-friendly science games and ideas for great supplemental science activities. 
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Magnets - PBSLearningmedia 
DC/AC Virtual Lab

Blobz Guide to Electricity
Electric Circuits- diagrams
TinkerCad Circuits
Lighting a Bulb
Conductor Detector
Electric Circuits
Electrical Circuits BBC
Electric Circuit Builder
Electrical Circuit Game

Electricity and Energy Interactives
BBC Magnets
eLearning - Magnets
Magnets & Compass Interactives 
Magnet Hunt
Magnets and Springs
Mystery Science
What Can Magnets Do? 
Magnetism and Electricity FOSS 
Circuits and Conductors
Changing Circuits
String of Lights
Using Electricity
Construction Simulation
Static Electricity Simulation
Electromagnetic Lab
Eating Nails for Breakfast
L.E.D. - Light-Emitting Diode
Electric Circuits

VIDEOS: Intro to Electricity

What is a Circuit?
Electric Circuits: Series and Parallel
The Science of Magnetism (Spangler)
Electricity and Circuits
Electricity Introduction
Magnets & Electromagnetism
Magnets & Magnetism for Kids
Magnet Tricks
Magnetic Fields

The Moon
Moon Giant



Mixtures and Solutions
Virtual Investigations:
        Separating Mixtures
        Separating a Mixture                
        Fizz Quiz
        Interactive eBook

Streaming Videos:
        Chemical Reactions
        Water Cycle

Weather and Climate
Mystery Science - World of Weather
 EdHead Weather
The Weather Wiz Kids
The Weather Channel Kids Weatherwise
The Weather Channel Kids
BBC Weather
National Geographic Education
Discovery Education
Bill Nye the Science Guy
How Stuff Works - Science
PBS In-Focus Floods
Making a Weather Station
The Weather Dude
Kid's Projects - How and Why
Weather Resources for Students
Water Cycle Diagram
The Water Cycle 1
The Water Cycle 2 
Water Cycle Interactives
The Blue Traveler Game
Water Cycle Activity
How Are Earth's Sphere Interacting?

Weather Videos Check out these cool weather videos and see some spectacular natural phenomena in action. Witness huge storms, heavy rain, powerful tornadoes, intense lightning, dust storms, dangerous plane landings, giant hail and other extreme conditions in these amazing weather video clips.

Levers and Pulleys
Simple Machine Interactives
Simple Machines - Game Up
Dish It Out!
Diagraming Levers
ZOOMers' Rube Goldberg
Rube Goldberg Burglar Catcher

The Treasure of Panther Island
Levers and Pulleys FOSS website
Forces and Movements
Forces in Actions
MOS Inventor's Toolbox
Balancing Act Simulation
Pulleys & Simple Machines